V/A – ‘You Are Welcome Here’

Posted by on September 23, 2015


Fabrica Records, the label responsible for saving my life with Insect Factory records, is taking its life-saving ethos to a more literal level with You Are Welcome Here, a stellar compilation benefiting refugees from Syria and other war-torn regions. We all feel warm and fuzzy inside when we hear pleasant minimalist drone, but now we can feel even fuzzier knowing our money is going to mitigate a massive humanitarian crisis. Of particular note are tracks by Chilean lo-fi noisesmiths A Full Cosmic Sound, Decoder stalwart Rambutan, a searing ten-minute guitar freakout from David First, and haunting crepuscular drone from Shredderghost. There’s also an exclusive Insect Factory track, of course, and one from Fabrica’s flagship project Luciernaga.

Though I know I’m preaching to the choir in this case, here’s a thought experiment: few could name a conflict in the Middle East that wasn’t in some way precipitated by European colonialism; now name a Western country welcoming these refugees with open arms. (Kudos to Merkel lately; I’m looking at you, Hungary…) Until this ratio balances out, efforts like these will continue to be imperative, and they’re just the beginning.

Download You Are Welcome Here via the Fabrica Bandcamp.