Stream: Baldruin – ‘Portal’

Posted by on September 4, 2015

baldruin portal

Portal, Baldruin’s debut on wax, is one of the most confounding and intoxicating listens of 2015. But there’s a particular moment on “Keine Korper,” a lethargic drifter that reveals itself halfway through the album, where everything shifts and seemingly locks into place. The album, just like the project’s sole custodian Johannes Schebler, is an ever morphing beast that maintains a constant state of change, casting itself in a drape of shadows and fog. But on “Keine Korper,” Schebler delivers a solemn, gravelly vocal display, revealing a deeply personal touch amidst the subtle chaos. Like never before in the project’s short but potent lifetime, you peek behind the curtains and see a lone genius practicing his sordid antics, whereas before, it seemed almost impossible to attribute the project’s sounds to any one person.

The album, released today and streaming before courtesy of Wounded Knife, revels in a series of grotesque miniatures that emphasize the maniacal wonder of Schebler’s effortless noise. Part display of surreal audio experimentation, part testament to the project’s singular vision, Portal drifts through suite after suite of distant psychosis, littered with glimmers of kraut, drone, noise, and new age. While each track keeps it relatively brief, making sure to not stay its welcome but to keep the allure alive, the end result is an ongoing saga with plenty of curios corridors to get lost in again and again.

Portal comes out this Sunday (9.6.2015), but all pre-orders made directly via Wounded Knife are automatically entered to get one of four special test pressings of the album.