Alosi Den – ‘How to Live Forever’

Posted by on August 13, 2015

Alosi Den

How to Live Forever is the third ever tape from Boston three-piece Alosi Den, who come to us by way of Will McCall, otherwise known as Goat Lightning. Not surprisingly, Alosi Den is an oddball… or at least two curveballs. One part meditative ’60s psych shot through with slouched aughts-rock, the other is meditative aughts-rock shot through with slouched psych: in other words, a new installment in the trio’s genuinely interesting exploration of lightly improvised (very comfortably, but not too) post-rock. How to Live Forever sounds particularly well triangulated though, as much an original statement as I found McCall’s last Goat Lightning album, Light That Blinds. Though according to McCall, the band’s line-up is subject to change and has at least once previously, this features the same line-up as their sophomore cassette — McCall, Tim Regan, and Jack Mohrbacher.

Grab a copy on tape from Desert Home Recordings, and check out their earlier release — Live from the School of Disembodied Poetics — while you’re at it.