Week in Review #80

Posted by on August 8, 2015

Week 80

“It’s that time of year again where my old pal Chris Berry of the Soft Abuse and Fruits & Flowers labels makes his annual trek down to Mankato to join me on the podcast show. This is something we’ve been doing since the start of the podcast, for five consecutive years now (maybe more even), where I basically hand over the show to Chris to play a bunch of music from his personal collection, and we generally carve out a little bit of time to discuss what is happening with his now two separate labels. This is a show that I always look forward to since I get a chance to hear a bunch of music that I’ve either never heard of before or things that I’ve been wanting to check out for awhile. This time around the show was extra special, too. Chris premiered a track from the forthcoming Pumice album called Puddles. Pumice is a long-time favorite of the show and, no joke, the reason Chris and I came into contact with one another years ago, so it’s truly a thrill to be able to share this new material. He also previewed several other new and forthcoming tracks from both Soft Abuse and Fruits & Flowers, all of which sound terrific. Check out the links below to find out more information about each of these releases and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. Hope you enjoy this episode.” -David Perron, FFFoxy Podcast

1. David Mitchell & Denise Roughan “Jewel” Killing Capitalism With Kindness (Turbulence)
2. (Introduction)
3. Snake “Heaps on the Streets” S/T CS (Hidiotic)
4. Elisa Ambrogio “Mary Perfectly” The Immoralist LP (Drag City)
5. The Mekons “The Last Dance” The English Dancing Master 12” (CNT Productions)
6. Jam Money “Paper Raincoat” Blowing Stones LP (Spillage Fete)
7. Knocker Jungle “I Don’t Know Why” S/T LP (Ember)
8. Hello Blue Roses “Telepathy” WZO LP (JAZ Records)
9. (Talk break)
10. Pumice “Why I Chew My Sleeves” Puddles CD/LP (*forthcoming on Soft Abuse)
11. Pigeons “Buoy” b/w “But For the Waves” 7” (Soft Abuse)
12. Carter Thornton “The Field” Mapping the Ghost Vol. 1 CS (Soft Abuse)
13. The Bibs “Untitled“ From the Fishhouses LP (*forthcoming on Soft Abuse)
14. The Scrapes “Oblivion’s Grip” The Songs of Baron Samedi CS (Soft Abuse)
15. Piano Movers “Dazed at the Controls” A Fruits & Flowers Three-Way CS (Fruits & Flowers)
16. Odd Hope “Brave & Olde” b/w “I’ll Follow You” 7” (*forthcoming on Fruits & Flowers)
17. (Talk break)
18. Big John “Astronote Blues” b/w “Good House Party” 7” (Astrol)
19. Matthew “Doc” Dunn “Intro” Tecumseh LP (Healing Power Records)
20. Kyle Eyre Clyd “Sun Rises On A Prescient Sky” Pale Dawn Creeps LP (Halatern, etc.)
21. Semool “Essais 2” Essais LP (Souffle Continu)
22. Shawn David McMillen “Hunting” On the Clock w/ JJ & Mitch LP (12XU)
23. The Riptoids “The Beekeeper” In the Pocket 7” (Onset/Offset Records)
24. Charlie Feathers “Jewel Here On Earth” Jungle Fever 7″ (Feathers Records)
25. (Talk break)
26. Olduvai Music “Part III” (excerpt) Baubo LP (Tiwa)
27. Jem Targal “Call Your Name” Luckey Guy LP (Sheavy Records)
28. Bob Desaulniers “Side B“ (excerpt) Limestone CS (Eggy Records)
29. Lucifer “Hypnosis” Big Gun LP (Dynamic)
30. Terry Melcher “So Right Tonight” Royal Flush LP (RCA)

Find out more about the FFFoxy Podcast and submitting material at David’s website, Free Form Freakout.


#1 – 8.2.2015 – Midori Records has a new split tape out from experimental favorites Headboggle and Fletcher Pratt; while the synth vs. synth audio is described as “dessert for the ears,” the artwork (by Fletcher himself) is also a treat. Gander it below and head over here to grab a copy of the cassette before they’re gone (only 30 copies!). -LP


#2 – 8.2.2015 – Heathen Harvest featured a 41-track benefit compilation for Utech Records proprietor Keith Utech… “Kim Utech lost her battle against breast cancer on July 1, 2015 . . . This compilation, assembled by friends and supporters of Utech Records, contains forty-one tracks worth of exclusive material — some previously unreleased, some recorded live, some created specifically for this release — with a run-time of nearly 4 1/2 hours.” The compilation is spectacular, and all proceeds go to support Keith and their two children. Click through to Heathen Harvest for the full story-DP

#3 – 8.4.2015 – Cascine shared the final single off the new album from Mark McGuire’s aptly named name “pop” project The Road Chief, begun as a “DJ moniker and an outlet for tribute songs to the late Roger Troutman” — which is basically the chief in a nutshell, minus the vocal foolery we’d all probably love to hear from McGuire. Check the single, “Is This Really Love?,” below and grab a copy of The Road Chief’s new album on cassette from Cascine-DP

#4 – 8.5.2015 – Massachusetts label Seagreen Records unveiled a fundraising t-shirt in collaboration with Low Brow print shop… pretty straight-forward, but Seagreen and Low Brow are both great names, so it comes with a little of that zazzle. Grab one here-DP


#5 – 8.6.2015 – Max Ravitz dropped two new tracks from the follow-up to Patricia’s perfect Body Issues LP, released back in 2013. The two songs highlight Ravtiz’ take on dingy but pristine techno, somehow luxurious and ratty at the same time. Bem Inventory features six songs and comes out 8.30.2015 via Opal Tapes Bandcamp-BP

#6 – 8.6.2015 – Christina Vantzou shared a new track from her third album (No. 3), due out 10.16.2015 on Kranky. “Shadow Sun” is a slow and meditative tune, touching on a number of sounds and instruments the Belgium-based composer has worked with before. As the label explains, the album was recorded “in Belgium with a 15-piece ensemble of strings, horns, woodwinds and micro-choir,” and shift from “orchestral, ambient soundscapes and more structured works that the composer refers to as ‘pillars.'” Scope the track below and head to Kranky’s site for ordering info-BP

#7 – 8.7.2015 – Back in June, Blondes dropped the long-form intoxication of Rein, an almost hour-long set of improvisation-based dance music that teased Persuasion, a new EP of Blondes’ material. Now, the duo of Sam Haar and Zach Steinman returns with the first proper taste of the Persuasion EP. The A-side, title track throbs with the duo’s signature form of inward-focused, psychotropic dance music that’s been sorely missed in the two years since Swisher dropped. Pick up a copy of the 12-inch now via RVNG’s shop-BP