Week in Review #77

Posted by on July 18, 2015

Week 77

“Had to sweat it out a bit in the sauna-like studio to bring you this episode of the podcast. It felt sort of cleansing though to work through these conditions in order to share a large batch of amazing music that has been occupying every spare minute and every playback device I’ve had access to over the past three weeks. Of the new music in the bunch, I can’t say enough good things about the jangly guitar pop of Human Music, the micro-textural sound environments of crys cole, the zoned-out loner moves of Syko Friend, the otherworldly instrumentals of The Garment District, and the multi-genre behemoth of a compilation from Metaphysical Circuits. There are also a few reissue/archival releases scattered throughout that I’d encourage you to set aside your coffee/beer/drug money for a change and purchase these right away. I’m talking about the bizarro antics of the It’s War Boys-affiliated Amos & Crew, the all-over-the-map DIY brilliance of Pig Rider, and the not-so-loner folk sounds of Joshua Burkett. Trust me, you’ll be much better off having these albums in your life. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. Hope you enjoy this episode.” -David Perron, FFFoxy Podcast

1. Human Music “Mtn Climb” Sup CD (Sundowning)
2. The Fingers “Labour” Pass Me the Salt, Will You? CS (Kitchen Leg)
3. Growth Program “Paycheck to Paycheck” Renzo Musik CS (All Gone)
4. Amos & Crew “Urban Masterpieces” True Tears LP (War Extension)
5. BBJr. “Either Way It’s Cherry Bomb” The History of Western Music CD (Nova Labs)
6. The Nihilist Spasm Band “Dog Face Man” No Record CD (Lion Productions)
7. crys cole “Layna” Sand/Layna LP (Black Truffle)
8. (Talk break)
9. Sam Gas Can “I Don’t Want To Die On King St.” 400/100 3CS (Metaphysical Circuits)
10. Michael Henning & Philip Ringler “Eleuthro” Supplemental Dimensions CS (Golden Cloud)
11. Dragontime “Matty Groves Part 2” S/T CS (Inner Islands)
12. Syko Friend “Big Talk” Problem Child LP (Mind Rider)
13. Uranium Orchard “Gethsemane” Lithophane Geisha LP (Caesar Cuts)
14. Pig Rider “Ralph the Poisoned Ferret” The Robinson Scratch Theory 2LP (Guerssen)
15. Pelktopia “Murmuration of Light” Noosphertilizer III (w/ STRNGLV) CS (Aubjects)
16. (Talk break)
17. Anla Courtis “Teryrupnuu” B-Rain Folklore CD* (Yogoh)
18. Gravity Adjusters Expansion Band “Soon After The Beginning” One CD (Paradigm Discs)
19. Joshua Burkett “Look Floating” Gold Cosmos LP (Feeding Tube)
20. The Lentils “The Wrong Song” My Pillow Lava Part One: My Deaf Son 12” (Feeding Tube)
21. The Garment District “Meeting of the Dark Sky Association” Luminous Toxin CD-R (Kendra Steiner Editions)
22. Philippe Petit “Yourselfosophy” Multicoloured Shadows CD (Aagoo)
23. (Talk break)
24. Holly Waxwing “Vibe” Peach Wink CS (Noumenal Loom)
25. Sloom “Night Drive” Sloom’s Mix Tape #1 CS (Power Moves Label)
26. Sunny Dunes “Brunssummerheide” (excerpt) Emmastaete CS (Cave Recordings)

Find out more about the FFFoxy Podcast and submitting material at David’s website, Free Form Freakout.


#1 – 7.13.2015 – Going on a few months after his epochal Welcome to the Warp Zone mixtape was released on cassette by Plastic Response, Louisville producer NMESH has a hefty mixtape up for FACT Magazine — as transcendent as Warp Zone was, this seems like at least as heady a follow-up. Stream that over at FACT and check out an interview from earlier in the month here-DP

#2 – 7.13.2015 – Lawrence Chandler, founding member of seminal post-rock/downbeat heroes Bowery Electric, created a Bandcamp account and upped The Tuning of the World, a 24-hour long set of one-hour pieces that was originally self-released in 2012. Sample the whole thing below and head over to Chandler’s Bandcamp to download at whatever price you see fit. -BP

#3 – 7.13.2015 – The Brians Gibson and Chippendale, aka Lightning Bolt, did a fun installment of What’s In My Bag, and here I am sharing it… -DP

#4 – 7.14.2015 – In other old-but-new-to-Bandcamp news, perennial noise gods Wolf Eyes launched an archival Bandcamp documenting rare, out-of-print, and/or unreleased material recorded by the band since its inception. At the time of writing this, there are a mere six releases available, which is a drop in their bucket but only whets the appetite for a (hopefully) long and prolific series of uploads. Stream the demos from No Answer – Lower Floors below. -BP

#5 – Vancouver based Daniel Rincon, aka NAP — Decoder streamed his Uncharted cassette for 1080p earlier this month — shared a new mixtape via Germany’s antistars agency, live-mixed but no location given other than “Paragreen Plastics/Free Association” (which sounds fun, right?). -DP

#6 – 7.14.2015 – Woolen Men unveiled “After the Flood,” the first single from their upcoming sophomore LP, due this September via Woodsist. The track’s cold edge hints at the somewhat bleak mission statement behind the new album, which is aptly titled Temporary Monument. Stream the single below and check out the album blurb and tracklist over here. –LP

#7 – 7.14.2015 – Our homies over at Tome to the Weather Machine returned with a new podcast featuring chats with Stephen Molyneux (No Kings Record Cadre, Poet Named Revolver) and Frank Baugh (Sparkling Wide Pressure) conducted by Ryan Hall. To say this one’s worth listening to would be an understatement, but we’re huge fans of all parties involved and are rather biased from the get-go. Stream the episode below and check back on our recent words on Molyneux‘s and Baugh‘s recent work. -BP

#8 – 7.14.2015 – Leaving Records shared their magnificent Laraaji reissue triptych, containing three albums of older recordings from 1978 through ’83. “Leaving Records is proud to present, with humble gratitude, three re-issues of seminal works by new age musician, composer, and laughter meditation workshop leader Laraaji. Recorded between 1978 and 1983, these works have not been re-issued in full since their original release. Although some excerpts of the material have been featured on various compilations, this is the first time in over 30 years that one can experience the uninterrupted duration of these cosmic etudes in their complete form. The added length creates an immersive environment of fresh, exploratory, experimental and healing sounds in which to dwell– these are the proper, entire experiences as intended by their creator.” Stream a preview below and preorder the tapes at Stones Throw. -DP

#9 – 7.15.2015 – Ryan Hemsworth’s Secret Songs imprint released a mesmerizing and brilliantly odd new track from Montreal producer Robert Robert. From Hemsworth, “Every song Montreal artist Robert Robert sent me was amazing — it was very difficult to not do the one with the acoustic guitar drop — but this one feels just right. There’s so much imagination in these 4 mins, I feel like it was co-produced with a 6-year-old in between rounds of Clayfighter.” Hopefully the option b track surfaces at some point either way. Follow Secret Songs and Robert Robert SoundCloud. –DP

#10 – 7.15.2015 – Occasional Decoder contributor Jeanette Wall recently wrote a Labelled featured about her imprint Miscreant Records for Impose Magazine — check that out over here, along with an accompanying playlist of Miscreant artists. -LP