Stream: NAP – ‘Uncharted’

Posted by on July 2, 2015


NAP is Vancouver-based Daniel Rincon, a Colombian-born producer with a background in “guitar-based noise” music — though direct traces of that seem hard to pin down outside of Discogs. By contrast, the project’s Bandcamp page contains two heavily ambient releases, both consistent with its low-key nomen and the roving, lo-fi house excursions of his Uncharted debut for 1080p.  The label frames it as a deliberate break with “purist electronic ideals,” a “hybrid,” while TMT’s Mike Reid appealingly compares it to a coy cat. More than that though, the intense variety on display adds dimension to a Vancouver-scene many tape-heads know a whole helluva lot better thanks to 1080p — they also kindly point out that Rincon shared a studio space with labelmates D. Tiffany, Friendly Chemist, and Neu Balance while he recorded the tracks on Uncharted.

Though there aren’t any direct, audible artifacts from Rincon’s guitar/noise heritage that I could find, that strain nevertheless survives in NAP. While the beginning of Uncharted stands out with a laid-back, progressive flair, the second half teeters between a ragged acid trip, with a pummeling throb from “GSM” and “Soul Divine,” and surreal minimalism on “Bogota;” set off by noisier experiments, like the beat-heavy closer “Contra III,” or the harrows of “Worms.” The a-side seems to kick off in a palette lightly evocative of other memorable Vancouver/BC releases from 1080p, like Lnrdcroy or D. Tiffany (who contributed to the album’s production, along with Rincon’s fellow Vancouverite Jesse Creed, aka The Passenger). “Don’t Forget the Records,” with its peppering of sampled ephemera and supremely mellow atmosphere, may take the prize for that sense of ease, but the standout for me is probably “Scorpio Moon,” an open-ended track that seems teased out of a ringing bell by various means.

Stream Uncharted in its entirety below and order a copy from 1080p.