Philipp Bückle – ‘Sketches’

Posted by on June 26, 2015


German experimental recorder Philipp Bückle usually appears under the name Teamforest and may be most recognizable to Decoder readers thanks to his collaboration as Beth Kleist, with fellow German auteur Nils Quak. Since this April though, he’s been releasing installments in a new triptych and under his own name, titled Sketches, Drawings, Paintings. Drawings appeared on English label Invisible City Records in April, Sketches in May (though it’s only just made it our way), and perhaps if the pattern holds someone is scrabbling on the other side of the Atlantic to get Paintings out later this month.

Though there’s no way I can do justice to Bückle’s extensive back catalog, these series tapes seem like better elaborated ‘process recordings’ than past solo efforts as Teamforest or his more slipstream collaborations with Quak. Bückle is also a filmmaker with distinctive values, and the subtle effects and dense atmospheres of his audio-visual work are an easy look into how he approaches sound and information, wherever you look in his discography. While Drawings was a somber collection of drone and acousmatic vignettes, sonic images that occasionally registered an airy ambivalence, Sketches is often ‘built’ with a greater semblance of musical structure — though its M.O. is playfully oblique, and surprisingly changeable throughout. Noises rove lightly in between layers of drone and more encompassing texture, and the intrusion of distant, almost-melodies stir the listener’s meditation.

Order Sketches from Nuremberg’s Magnetic Purely and follow Philipp on Facebook.