Manikr – ‘S/T’

Posted by on May 20, 2015


Yowza! If you prefer to take your jazz as a well-blended genre-bending energy drink then this sly tape from Manikr is for you. The atomic make-up of this crew has their collective electrons orbiting askew, leaping from near-fusion as filtered through an elektronische lens to pure electronic dissonance and finally into a strange realm populated with pianos riding on half-deflated bouncy castles, squishy synthetic kazoos, and other assorted sonic oddities. There is percussion – which seems to be electronically sourced and almost entirely at the back of the mix, like a heartbeat fluttering away unnoticed – and a sly low-end that exists only in shadow form. This Floridian trio – which truth be told contains Decoder’s very own Jake Tobin – excites in the way that they float through ideas with the greatest of ease. Sonic trapezists of the highest calibre, Manikr have squeezed so many clever tropes into just under forty minutes of their jazz-ooze electro-acoustic improv schema that those starved in the attention department (like me) will be pleased as punch. Sadly, the group are now defunct, yet Godmode appears to have copies of the tape still available on their site. Devour this music and slither your way into Manikr’s bizarre universe.