Week in Review #65

Posted by on April 25, 2015

Week 65

Though the official announcement is now nearly a week out of date, I can’t help but direct attention to Baro Records’ wonderful cassette reissue of Julian Lynch’s 2009 Orange You Glad LP for Olde English Spelling Bee. When I bought that record, shortly before escaping my fiendish undergraduate education, it sounded unlike any other psych record I’d ever bought at the time… more than that, it seemed and still seems like a truly distinctive vision. Though the pastiche of international traditional styles and cosmopolitan pop tones deploys some familiar elements, Lynch is a highly original melody maker and each piece unfolds with patient ease… as well as its own hazy field of debris, smaller sounds, and accents that truly separate Orange You Glad from time and space. Grab a tape copy from the Baro Records Bandcamp page while they last.

#1 – 4.19.2015 – KMSU, the home of the Free Form Freakout show (and the progenitor of the FFFoxy Podcast and Decoder’s new in-house production), is beginning their annual fundraising drive: “It’s that time of the year when KMSU – the college/community radio station where Free Form Freakout is based out of – reaches out to its listeners for the annual Spring Pledge Drive. Like last year, the station has an ambitious goal of raising $40,000, a portion of which will be going to pay off the new transmitter that the station has been saving up for over the past couple of years. The Spring Pledge Drive will run from Wednesday, April 22nd to Friday, May 1st, and there will be plenty of special programming throughout, including the always entertaining Shuffle Function 24-Hour Pledge Drive A-Go-Go.” Click through to the Free Form Freakout website for more information on how to support the station and some of the swanky rewards they’ve got in the works. -DP

#2 – 4.19.2015 – In the latest installment of the That’s Deck mixtape series DECKast, brilliant Atlanta based producer and designer Stefan Ringer aka REKchampa has a varied offering featuring the likes of Moon B, Theo Parrish, and Keith Maniac, so if you aren’t familiar with either institution, now’s your chance. That’s Deck is far and away one of the best sources around for out there productions and REKchampa happens to fit exactly the same bill — check out his debut cassette for Harsh Riddims if you want a more complete picture. Having said all that, check out the mix with some more information on That’s Deck and if you’re in LA on April 30th, catch REKchampa live at the inaugural That’s Deck Party at Complex-DP

#3 – 4.19.2015 – Illuminated Paths released a music video for YlangYlang’s new track “Les Heures Violettes,” off her upcoming tape Mutualism. Created by Guillaume Vallée, the video is a blue-ish wash of distorted VHS visuals with occasional glimpses of YlangYlang wandering about while wearing a poncho; the visual glitchiness and cool tones pair nicely with the track’s gentle thumping and subtle percussion laced with lilting vocals. The 6-minute long excursion seems subtly darker, sharper, and more introspective than some of YlangYlang’s previous work — very excited to hear more from the album, due soon on Illuminated Paths. -LP

#4 – 4.20.2015 – Happy 420! To mark the occasion, DC-based DZ Tapes and In It Together Fest unveiled a new (green) cassette mixtape to preview the DIY festival and charity fundraiser’s second installment, with tracks “recorded live at DIY shows around DC, showcasing talent from Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, and more.” The whole collection is a thrasing but articulate window into the various communities the Fest, and DZ Tapes itself, knit together through their projects. Check out the cassette on the DZ Tapes Bandcamp and get if you’re going to be on the east coast end of July / beginning of August, consider taking a look at In It Together Fest as well. -DP

#5 – 4.20.2015 – Tabs Out made a surprisingly tough “Tape Label or Weed Strain?” quiz for the 4/20 holiday — head over here to see how high you can get. -LP

#6 – 4.20.2015 – Tamarack, a Portland-based imprint that rightfully boasts itself as a rep of music from “the Pacific Northwest and beyond,” announced the self-titled debut by High Light, a new collaboration pairing up Tim Gray (ethernet) and Scott Worley (Jatun). Going off of the three public tracks (streaming below), the tape plays up each producer’s penchant for listless, wistful minimal techno. Look for the High Light tape to drop May 25. -BP

#7 – 4.22.2015 – R. Stevie Moore unveiled what for now tops my list of his weirdest and best bits of ephemera, namely a free 28 track compilation of brilliant record-skipping. Nothing too unfamiliar but there isn’t a slow moment on this beauty, though it may hit you differently depending on your own relative speed. Download via Bandcamp-DP

#8 – 4.22.2015 – Anthology Recordings announced their impending Bali High OST reissue, sharing the second, all-original iteration of the cult surfer documentary’s soundtrack: “Spaulding’s original soundtrack featured favorites from The Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, and Santana, but as the subculture grew commercial traction Spaulding had to rethink how to legally sell the film without paying for song rights. For the 1984 re-release Spaulding sought out the help of Kauai based musician and producer Michael Sena to compose an original score that could match the action and vibe of his previous soundtrack. Sena wrote, produced, and recorded the entire album himself in just three months.” Sena nailed it with a cosmopolitan collection of mellow but energetic psychedelia that ranges from the heavy riffs of the title opener “Bali High” to more tongue in cheek outings, like the almost 8-bit sounding jet-set burner “Boeing Boeing Bong.” Anthology look to be preparing an immaculate edition, right down to the use of the word “sweet” in their press release. Preorder and read the full story over at the Anthology website. -DP

#9 – 4.23.2015 – Toronto-based composed Nick Storring followed up releases with Scissor Tail Editions and Orange Milk earlier this year, contributing a track to a split 7″ with Bile Sister for the city’s Long Winter blog. On the 23rd though, Nick shared an atmospheric new video accompaniment to the shimmering, elaborate audio environment of his contribution, “Now Neither One Of Us Is Breaking,” at least a few degrees removed the assemblages we heard on his Endless Conjecture cassette. Check that out below, but peruse the split 7″ on Bandcamp, or read a little extra detail on Nick’s track here-DP

#10 – 4.23.2015 – The Calvert Journal shared a new mixtape from our friends Ivan and Anya at Full of Nothing: “The new mixtape comes from the independent label Full of Nothing, based in Karelia in the north-west of Russia. The duo behind the label — Anya Kuts and Ivan Zoloto — has already contributed to the mixtape section as the noise band Love Cult: for them, making their own music and releasing other people’s always go hand in hand . . . For The Calvert Journal they have compiled ‘a trippy hour-long mix of tracks we have released and some newer tracks by friends we wish we had released’ in the label’s main genres: ambient, pop and electronic.” Though there’s no accompanying tracklist, you’re sure to recognize plenty from that duo’s extended sphere, and it’s well worth a look just for the fabulous, undulating visual accompaniment, if not the full on head-trip into their northern climes. –DP

#11 – 4.23.2015 – Tymbal Tapes has a second round pressing of their debut batch impending, and sporting a new tint to boot — follow them on Facebook for updates. -DP


#12 – 4.23.2015 – The always-amazing neon chameleon that is Shamir opened a “Call It Off relationship hotline,” complete with a hilarious accompanying video — check that out below, and then give the number a ring if you’re in need of relationship advice or just want to hear Shamir’s soothing voice (in various octaves) — it might hold you over until his full album, Ratchet, comes out May 19 on XL. You can also peep his endearing interview with New York magazine here.  -LP

#13 – 4.24.2015 – San Fran label Fuzzoscope dropped a new compilation tape simply titled Greatest Hits — it features over 45 tracks and snippets from various artists including Sumthin Gunny, Aardvaark, Foodblanket, and more. One of our Bay area faves, Mark Aubert, makes an especially catchy appearance with “Hideout”; stream that below and head over to their bandcamp to grab a copy of the cassette, which also comes with a full-color 12 page booklet! -LP

#14 – 4.24.2015 – Hot on the heels of Rrose’ spectacular, recently-issued Having Never Written a Note for Percussion LP, Further released not one but two (!) new LPs, First up, Strategy returns with his trademark aqueous ambient techno in an exquisitely minimal form for  Noise Tape Self. Second, Innercity’s ABABABABABABAS (Blue Lion Child) takes things even deeper, writhing in an amorphous din of muted noise and strings. Pick them both up from Further’s Bandcamp-BP

#15 – 4.24.2015 – Retro Promenade released a mega-compilation of Miami Vice-inspired retro cheese-bangers. Coastal Keys brings together 23 of the finest synth-twisters for a journey through “a day in the life of a vice squad detective in Miami PD.” Occam’s Laser, Rohn Jambo, Laurence McFunk and Amplitude Problem make up some of the more outlandishly-named artists on the collection, which is free to download. Slink around half-naked next to a huge window in your apartment that overlooks the beach to 20SIX Hundred‘s swarthy “She Was the Night” below. –SD

#16 – 4.25.2015 – Metaphysical Circuits unveiled their new mp3 imprint, Metaphysical Digital, with free releases from Les Bicyclettes de Belize (your guess is as good as mine whether or not that’s an Engelbert Humperdinck reference) and Ragged Lines. At the same time, Metaphysical Circuits is in the course of raising funds to press a mammoth 3 tape compilation; “After a 15 year run of virtually constant activity, helping nearly a thousand different musical artists get some form of mass exposure, it’s high time to undertake my most ambitious project yet, via the Metaphysical Circuits imprint.” Check out their IndieGoGo page and peruse the new digital imprint via Bandcamp-DP