Keshco – ‘Unaccentuated’

Posted by on April 23, 2015

keshco - unaccentuated

Keshco is an international and more than a decade-old ensemble that makes psychedelic “jingles,” low-key library music essentially, and though their latest is characteristically minimal, the name Unaccentuated seems almost absurd appended to what some might even call particularly sensuous accent music. That isn’t to say Kescho plays up the more predictable tropes associated with soundtrack music, though you might quickly and correctly guess they have a background in film-work. Released by the experimental mp3 imprint Pan Y Rosas, Unaccentuated is a ten track EP (at least that’s what the band calls its 38 minutes) recorded in “Islington, Sowerby Bridge, and Buenos Aires, on 8-track and phone,” and it’s essentially that formula that justifies the name. Their genuinely lo-fi recording process preserves an air of restraint and imagination in a style that often overdoes itself or at the very least conditions how it can be heard. That restraint feels particularly potent on a few tracks, as with the the meticulous funk of “Tiny Transmission,” which amounts to an almost diabolically minute, six-minute crescendo, or when the closing track, “Lunar Accent,” perches you on the outside row of a slow carousel ride to the moon. Download or stream it for free courtesy of Pan Y Rosas.