Ron Spoones – ‘S/T’

Posted by on April 22, 2015


While there’s no shortage of noisy techno projects, the field still remains stocked with a precious few worth plowing for. Take Corey Hucks, for example. Having been involved with a number of austerely rhythmic, dissonant projects, including Body Glove, Ex-Pets, Gaze, and Puke Attack, Hucks reserves his solo Ron Spoones alias for charged exercises in obliterative but agile dance music. The latest Spoones release comes as a self-titled cassette via LA-based cassette imprint All Hell and maximizes the clattered and tattered approach to frayed techno immensely. Opening the tape in a haze of static-addled found sounds, Hucks drops the narrative in a well of hysterical noise. “Unity Gain Intro” pummels the air with a series of processed foreign language tapes and industrial clatter, decimating the stage for the post-acid swagger of “OK HOMIE.” Oddly angled melodies echo off one another in a choreographed but malfunctioning routine of slurred electronics. “American Church of the Holy Relic” is a darker, more muted affair, cycling through a series of dimmed, celestial synth lines. The scene continues onto the B-side, veering deeper into techno with “Camo Brain” and “Blind Mayonaise,” a set of thumping throbs and rhythmic static brimming with minimal color. Pick this one up directly from All Hell along with any of the label’s recent excursions (the mechanized nihilism of Pleasure’s Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Her and the austere, proto-dark wave of Dead Channel’s Perfectly Neutral) for a bout of dark, exploratory listening.