Week in Review #54

Posted by on February 7, 2015

Week 54

As promised, here’s our omnibus Week in Review #54 with the last two weeks covered and a new, wide-ranging installment of David Perron’s inimitable FFFoxy Podcast. Happy February and thanks as always for reading along with us through thick and thin, the train of newborns, as well as the occasional medical emergency… so just keep warm this weekend and take care while winter spends itself out.


“On this episode of the FFFoxy Podcast, we dug into a stack of incredible new tapes that arrived in the past few weeks and months. We’ve been giving these latest tapes from Excess, Ekin Fil, Hound Dog Taylor’s Hand, and Jackie McDowell some heavy boombox play around the FFF bunker, and the just-arrived works from Three Legged Race and Thomas DeAngelo are sure to occupy some prime deck time over the coming weeks, too. We’ve also been plunging into the two and half hours worth of primo heavy psych from Burnt Hills and their latest release Slip Through Time on Tape Drift. This is a great introduction for anyone interested in checking out what this long-running upstate NY group as been up to. We also plucked out a few older works from James Rushford & Joe Talia, Bob Drake, and Small Cruel Party that all still sound as fresh as ever to these ears. There’s plenty more, of course, but we’ll let you check ‘em out on your own. Hope you enjoy this episode (despite the overuse of “kind of” as brain dead, Sunday morning verbal filler). Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments.” -David Perron

1. The Velveteens “Makin’ Signs” Sun’s Up LP (Old Blackberry Way)
2. Constant Mongrel “New Shapes” DCM 7” (R.I. P. Society)
3. James Rushford & Joe Talia “Battlement” Knife Culture/Buried Melbourne 2CD (Sabbatical)
4. Excess (ft. Leighton Craig) “Pathology of a Walk” Escape From Brisbane CS (Virtual Cool)
5. Jackie McDowell “Heralds” Language of the Birds CS (Hairy Spider Legs)
6. Ekin Fil “Captain” Wind Is Near CS (Sacred Phrases)
7. Gaapiiiii “Sign . . .” Sign/Stanza/Form/Scrap CS (Self-Help Tapes)
8. (Talk break)
9. Burnt Hills “Track 6/Disc 1” Slip Through Time 2CD-R (Tape Drift)
10. Mountains And Rainbows “Untitled” Comp of Narf IV (Fag Tapes)
11. Hound Dog Taylor’s Hand “Track 4” Live at the Comet Tavern CS (Eiderdown)
12. Bob Drake “Some Accursed Things” The Skull Mailbox (and Other Horrors) CD (Crumbling Tome Archives)
13. Time Heals Nothing “Getting What You Deserve” Time Heals Nothing CS (Always Human Tapes)
14. Canned Fit “Fragile” Cucharas de Arena MP3 (Pan Y Rosas Discos)
15. Beth-El “Burnt Offering” Exit Statements CS (Diskret)
16. (Talk break)
17. Stage Hands “The Populating of Empty Space” S/T LP (My Idea of Fun)
18. Problems That Fix Themselves “Maximum Occupancy” Which Is Worse LP (Already Dead Tapes)
19. Julien A. Lacroix “Elamites March” Uruk Romantic Tales #2 LP (Upside Down Recordings)
20. Three Legged Race “Ex-Locksmith” Rope Commercial Vol. 2 (Vitrine)
21. Russell Walker “Bud Zippo” The Thwartee CD-R (Savoury Days)
22. Thomas DeAngelo “Out of Clouds” Violence As Sport CS (Crisis of Taste)
23. Small Cruel Party “Side A/Untitled” (excerpt) Unroof the House of the Fishes LP (Harbinger Sound)
24. (Talk break)
25. Heather Leigh “Side A” Nightingale LP (Golden Lab Records)

Find out more about submitting material to the FFFoxy Podcast at David’s website, Free Form Freakout.


#1 – 1.27.2015 – 1080p release the first of two incredible mixes for the week; the first is a much bandied about multimedia experience hosted on New Hive called Starting Gate, co-curated by Olde English Spelling Bee and including elaborately realized splash pages  for each and every track (with art from Keith “Rankin’ Keith” Rankin, Terrell Davis, and their magnificent ilk). The second mix segues in a slightly different direction thanks to the help of a different New York label, Mexican Summer, who together turn out a chill guest spot on DubLab. Check out the former on New Hive and the latter on SoundCloud-DP

#2 – 1.27.2015 – Stadiums & Shrines shared a new homemade video from New York designer and aging wunderkind Noah Wall, now deeply ensconced in his 3D printing hobby (thanks to you know what) as we can see from the video’s rigmarole of buried blue busts and other home-printed objects. The video is set to “Closed Source” & “Hot Glue,” two tracks from his tremendous Print the Legend soundtrack on Driftless Recordings. Check out the original S&S post here-DP

#3 – 1.27.2015 – Chicago thrashers Oozing Wound are heading to Europe for the first time. Scan the dates here and check out the trio’s new video for “Hippie Speedball” below. –SD

#4 – 1.28.2015 – Field Hymns takes its first bow of the new year with the announcement of two new tape releases. February 1 will see the arrival of Grapefruit’s Some New-Age Bullshit and Go No Go For Launch’s Re-Entry, the latter of which the label considers vital to its existence having witnessed the album being turned down for a release elsewhere in 2006. “Re-Entry planted the first seeds of Field Hymns,” says the presser. “There had to be a place music like this could exist and be heard.” Stream a track from Re-Entry below. –SD

#5 – 1.29.2015 – Jeff Bridges released an “ambient album.” Sleeping Tapes, which can be streamed, downloaded and pre-ordered here features a series of dreamy vignettes during which Bridges waxes Lebowski over a bunch of surprisingly spooky drones and pulses reminiscent of Leyland Kirby’s work (they were actually provided by True Detective composer Keefus Ciancia, which might go some way to explaining why I found it more worthy of nightmares than sweet dreams). Bridges’ hope is that the record will promote “a good night’s rest” in a world he says is “filled with too many restless people” but frankly I found it all a bit unsettling. It’s certainly worth a listen though, and all monies collected through sales of the physical product will go to No Kid Hungry, which is a very good thing. –SD

#6 – 2.1.2015 – LA’s iconic Deathbomb Arc imprint turned 17 and marked their transition into adulthood with a mix titled No Children and loosely themed around gold-plated accessories, featuring an unreleased joined from their new defunct Captain Ahab project, along with tracks from clipping, True Neutral Crew, and Shady Van Gogh. Download via Bandcamp and perhaps celebrate the occasion on your end with a nice batch deal: the DA is selling an anniversary tee and three new tapes as a discounted bundle here-DP

#7 – 2.2.2015 – Well named Pittsburgh based net-label Kill Collector Culture (an imprint of the No Nazi Noise Coalition “borne out of hatred for the commodity fetishism of modern music” according to their serene tagline, and reportedly an imprint of the No Nazi Noise Coalition) unveiled the equally aptly named Big Pennsylvania Noise Compilation, an agreeably “noisey” window into the area’s recorders, with tracks from The Garment District, Ryan Emmett / Hunted Creatures, and a few relaxing turns from gong-man Mike Tamburo. The comp is an installment in an ongoing, semi-formal series of state based noise compilations, with Hawaii, California, and a small handful others also available thanks to volunteer efforts in those states. Download the Pennsylvania comp via Kill Collector Culture’s Bandcamp-DP

#8 – 2.2.2015 – Daniel Huge of Electronic Beats penned a short article on strategy game music titled ‘Music For Playing God,’ featuring a few of my favorites from yesteryear, like Dune2000 or Homeworld (which turned me into a Samuel Barber fan in time for high school’s adolescent melodrama), as well as the incredible original installment of the Populous trilogy. Check out the full article here-DP

#9 – 2.2.2015 – MixMag ran a short but varied feature on the inimitable mister Theo Parrish after meeting in London with the site’s Marc Rowlands late last year; Parrish talks in particular about his sense of living in America at the moment, family, and navigating Chicago and Detroit. Check it out here. –DP

#10 – 2.3.2015 – John Andrews (of Quilt and Woods fame) is releasing his first solo album, under the moniker John Andrews & The Yawns. The album, Bit By The Fang, comes out April 14th on Woodsist; you can check out the first slow-but-not-sad single, “Pennsylvania”, below. -LP

#11 – 2.3.2015 – Constellation Tatsu unveiled a new batch for Winter 2015 featuring Opaline, some interesting synth works from [PHYSICS], and a batty cassette’s worth of magnificently slow cut up jams from 夕方の犬(U ・ェ・) that also probably sports the label’s cutest j-card to date (yea, I mean the one with the puppy). Check those out below or while you’re grabbing the whole dang batch over at CTatsu-DP


#12 – 2.4.2015 – Experimental pop auteur Marcus Rubio unveiled a free mini mixtape by way of introduction to his new More Eaze project, set to debut with a proper cassette release on Already Dead Tapes at the beginning of spring. From Marcus (and corroborated by myself): “A real mix of avant garde r&b pop jams, plunderphonics, and psychoacoustic experimentation. Sometimes within the same song! oh and this album is 100% free for download!” Psychoacoustic is perhaps the operative word here, as just one listen leaves only a slight impression of where you might want to be filing everything that Rubio’s spitting out across both out and out pop and more noisey vignettes. Grab it via Bandcamp and keep your eyes glued to the Atlantic horizon for news from Already Dead. -DP

#13 – 2.5.2015 – Joel Shannahan of Golden Donna, Signal Dreams, etc, announced via Facebook that he and Felisha Ledesma had pulled together a Portland based mini-fest titled simply 2 Day and with one of the best line-ups I’ve seen so far this year… Matt Carlson, Karmelloz, Panabrite, and among other things, visuals from a crew that includes someone going by “Felix Poon” as well as a collaborative set from Ant’Lrd and Joel himself. Click through to the Facebook event for any deets you can’t find on the poster below, but remember to keep Feb. 27th and 28th free. DP

Two Day

#14 – 2.5.2015 – Microphone in the Trees looked back on 2014 with another honking list full of their favorite individual songs from 2014, with a slew of labels represented; primarily in the aesthetic vein of a Rainbow Pyramid or Sacred Phrases, and headed up surprisingly by a trailer for Michael Caine’s classic first Harry Palmer thriller, The Ipcress File… so yea, particularly notable I’d say. Click through to Microphones in the Trees to check everything out (and seriously track down The Ipcress File immediatelly: a timely thought Microphoners, thanks for it). –DP

#15 – 2.5.2015 – The experimental noise festival Ende Tymes unveiled their lineup for 2015 and it’s every bit as groovy as last years; Dreamcrusher, Decimus, Xome, Pharmakon, and a slew of others will be performing across three venues five nights in May. Check out the Ende Tymes website for more information and a complete list of venues and artists involved. -DP

Ende Tymes V

#16 – 2.7.2015 – On the anniversary of our sharing the artwork for Noumenal Loom’s first winter batch, we’re here with some shots of Aidan Kock’s incredible new packaging for the label and, in this case, Les Halles, Sumbu Dunia, and Wes Tirey. Take a look below and peruse those beginning this morning at the Noumenal Loom Bandcamp-DP