Rangers – Session Man

Posted by on January 7, 2015

ranger session man

Joe Knight‘s Rangers has two official albums out, the latest coming to us via Not Not Fun a solid (…wait, what year are we in? 2015? Fuck!) four years ago. His Bandcamp page has a couple of odds’n’ends collections since made available of that sunny psych-garage bliss he so effortlessly seems to channel, although his tunes do weave their way through some curious, single-eyebrow-raising chord progressions. A new collection has recently surfaced and was sent our direction, and it’s a smilin’ thing to sift through. Session Man has the prowess of a seasoned band even though it sounds like the drums were maybe programmed in, and the whole thing multi-tracked by Knight himself on all the instruments. I get it… he’s like a real session man, right? Hey, I’ll take it, and I’ll take it smiling, but I will still say this: Get this guy in a studio with three other like-minded rockers and see if they don’t wind up ruling the world.