Monte Burrows – Fantasy Living

Posted by on December 16, 2014

monte burrows fantasy living

Although the project is quite young, Monte Burrows’ debut Fantasy Living cassette suggests a sprawling variety of sounds and ideas in its all-too-brief duration. The tape’s opening duo of “1430 (Detritus)” and “Cretins Abound” juxtapose elusively errant broadcasts seemingly captured at random, adding to the sense of cool, embedded hysteria in the post-modern drone suite. Shards of diagetic noise fill the air, from rickety fans to creaking, antique turntables playing their dying songs. It’s a bleak examination of cinematic collage music, and refined, backpack hip hop instrumentals slowed and slurred to a ghastly pace. The B-side’s hurried triptych continues the haunted aural realms. Looped strings lifted from otherworldly waves permeate the headspace with creaking, shuffling pace. As soon as the lights turn up enough to grasp the situation, sound all but fades away, leaving ‘Fantasy Living’s final, chilling moments. Pick this one up directly via Spring Break Tapes’ site and pick up a copy of Braeyden Jae’s all-consuming Gutted cassette while you’re at it.