The Original Flowering Earth / Kyle Landstra – Split

Posted by on December 11, 2014

original flowering band kyle landstra

Once again, Frankfurt-based cassette imprint SicSic issues a sonic missive into the ether, this time with a split cassette by The Original Flowering Earth and Kyle Landstra. The split’s A-side is comprised solely of The OFE‘s “Diamonds from the Skym” a three-part suite consisting of equally sprawling movements (I – The Archons, II – Starseed Awakening, and  III – Diamonds from the Sky). Reportedly recorded between July and December of last year in Brooklyn and Chicago “with the windows open,” the three movements explore the spacious boundaries of cosmic drone music, drifting through space with dark, optimistic abandon. Opener “The Archons” is a dark but light-hearted drift of organ tones, tape distortion and ephemeral noise. Segue track “Starseed Awakening” is a brief but vibrant acoustic jam, sweeping the stage for “Diamond from the Sky’s” subtly flourished tone study. Comprised largely of lilting guitar drones similar to Windy & Carl or mid-period Growing and melancholic field recordings of nocturnal wildlife, the scene drones along with utter bliss. Kyle Landstra‘s two-part piece holds down the flip-side with an even more cosmically-inclined set of drones. For the first seven minutes, Landstra whets the sonic appetite with a rolling simmer of expansive tones, harmonizing with the resonant frequencies of terrestrial and extra-terrestrial chords. “We Communicated Through Beams of Light” consumes the remaining eleven-odd minutes with chord after chord of pure drone music, riffing into infinity with his Roland Juno 106, Korg MS2000, and dizzying array of effects pedals. You can’t help of soak in it time after time again. Although copies are sold out, stream the digital version of the split below or pick up the digital edition directly via SicSic’s Bandcamp.