The Durian Brothers – Live in Osaka

Posted by on December 9, 2014

durian brothers live in osaka

More Records‘ latest set of five cassettes may have been the hardest batch of tapes in 2014 to actually single out a favorite among the whole. Cassette labels in particular tend to issue batches of anywhere from two or four cassettes on a day, while others opt for 11 or more (cheers, Bathetic). But in the waning days of October, More dropped a mesmerizing set of arresting sounds that came out of nowhere, some of which came with no back story or information of any kind. Relatively (un)familiar names like Exoteric Continent or the Idiots (featuring the head of Banh Mi Verlag) brought expectedly roused sets of caustic techno and avant, post-industrial spoken word, but Craow, Houseboy, and Durian Brothers were completely unbeknownst to these ears. After play after play of all the tapes, Durian Brothers’ hypnotic Live in Osaka left a brutally indelible mark on my tonal psyche. Intended as an extended, single track, the Brothers’ cycling psychoses is freewheeling, surreal dance music that touches on any number of geographic and temporal origins. Part Gavin Russom but without any interest in a dance floor, part boogied transcendence, Live in Osaka hits multiple levels of sonic sardonicism, Neanderthal nihilism and looped luminescence. And while I, personally, may still be debating a favorite of More’s latest batch, I’m certain it’s been the most listened too tape out of the whole. Copies are long gone but can stream to your heart’s content over at More’s Bandcamp.