Premiere: Stara Rzeka / Innercity Trio / ARRM – Split

Posted by on November 11, 2014

wounded knife split

We’ve had an eye on Warsaw-based cassette imprint Wounded Knife since its inception as a guaranteed distributor of thoughtful experimental music, ranging from caustic drone to free jazz and just about everything in-between, all packaged with tender loving care. Highlights have included mind-melting and -massaging tomes by Dura, Talk West, Lake Mary, and Mazzoł Jebuk, but with a catalog as impeccable as this, why keep track? The label now continues its ernest run of esoterica with a triple-decker of transmutations that intersects the comfortable (and uncomfortable) worlds of free jazz and free noise. Presented as a maxed-out cassette, this split features Stara Rzeka, Innercity Trio, and ARRM furthering the boundaries of freewheeling, largely improvised aural hauntology. Stara Rezka opens the set with a 15-minute scourge of vaporous transmissions, expertly calling on psych-folk, elusive drones, as well as fragments of mind-expander classes from Albert Ayler, Pharoah Sanders, and Chan Feng (of Buddha Machine fame). The extended workout is a boundary-less epic that both balances and cracks the split wide open. Innercity Trio, presented here as a reduced version of Innercity Ensemble, brings a desolate, soot-covered saunter of horn-led dread, delivered with a western drawl in the sweaty, sundown light. Long shadows creep behind each and every decayed note, drifting through town without a destination or origin. ARRM, the duo of Artur RumiÒski & Maciej åmigrodzki, bring two relatively brief tracks of head-nodding post-rock, brooding with a sneer impressioned from Earth. Featuring guest players Krzysiek Kurek (guitar) and Grzegorz Zawadzki (drums), ARRM’s two tracks play like a hazier Godspeed, banging out post-apocalyptic visions with an ear for doom. The whole set is available now directly via Wounded Knife’s Bandcamp, along with a new tape by sumpf and an additional split featuring Retarders Trio and Olter/Kwapisiński.