Various Artists – The Many Moods of Healing Power Records

Posted by on October 15, 2014

healing power records

The old adage about something being in the water really rings true for the city of Toronto. There seems to be a plethora of psychonauts exploring the outer fringes of way-out music, in a cornucopia of genres and modes of expression. Wolf and VC over at Healing Power Records have been documenting the Toronto freak scene for ages now, dropping missive after glorious missive into the wild. Bile Sister, Man Made Hill, Hoover Party, Not the Wind Not the Flag… all have unleashed unruly artifacts for the label that are certainly worth tuning in to. Each offering is in its own way a totally mind-bending experience, re-compiling a listener’s grey matter into exotic new shapes. The Many Moods of Healing Power Records serves as both a point of entry for label neophytes and a sneak peek of what’s coming down the pipe for those of us who have already basked in their unhinged glory. The compilation features new and yet-to-be-released tracks from the Healing Power roster, including a handful of live tracks recorded at various locales by scene curator Joe Strutt of the Mechanical Forest Sound blog. From the free shredding of Gravitons to Man Made Hill’s otherworldly slither-funk to Jennifer Castle’s glorious songsmithery, this package spans both Healing Power’s oeuvre and that of Toronto’s talented sub-underground. Bile Sister and Petra Glynt pontificate and palpitate, while Fleshtone Aura and Skull Bong wrangle warped waves of wizardry.  Particularly enchanting is a ghostly remix of “Caroline, No” from Wildlife Rodeo (Mike Smith and Matthew “Doc” Dunn, both of whom are in far too many projects to list here) recorded live at the last All Toronto’s Parties festival. That Wolf and VC have been able to assemble such a diverse crew of sonic sorcerers over the years is a testament to how devoted they truly are. Their love for the musical magic that lies beneath their city’s surface shows in every project that Healing Power undertakes. The Many Moods of Healing Power Records is available now from the label’s Bandcamp.