Kraus – Interior Castle

Posted by on October 15, 2014

kraus interior castle

Moniker Records is on an experimental electronic bender in the second half of 2014, and New Zealand’s grand manipulator Kraus showed up to join the fray. On Interior Castle, Kraus brings the logic of dancefloor krautrock and highly structured layers to a surprisingly medieval conclusion by mixing ancient acoustic instruments with distorted electronics. Unsurprisingly, Kraus refines his sense of humor by playing on his listener’s sense of regal delights and pure pomp by blowing up formalities with synthetic absurdities, princely charm fit for the noiseloft. The title song is one of the best examples of Kraus’s sense of rhythm and acoustic / electric layering, carrying a lead riff that sounds fit for an announcement or ceremony. By creating some audacious mythical world where relentless repetitions are cashed out in bulky, unorthodox instrumental combinations, Kraus supervises a dense dancefloor this time around. The limited tour tape is available at Moniker Records.