Week in Review #36

Posted by on September 13, 2014

Week 36

The absurdity of everything was cast in sharp relief lately by iTunes and “the world’s biggest album launch,” needless to say. Looking back on the week, for me at least, the best artistic rejoinder to that offense was an ostensibly unrelated Juno Plus interview with Vancouver producer Lnrdcroy titled ‘The Art of Failure.’

#1 – 9/7/2014 – Paisley Shirt Records announced a new psych-drenched compilation tape, Paisley Overground, that features nine bands from their roster, including Volunteer Dad, Gay Fox, Sad Eyed Beatniks, and more. The cassette officially comes out on September 27th (for Cassette Store Day), and tapes will start shipping on the 23rd. Check out “Stereovision” by Volunteer Dad below, and float over to their bandcamp if you want to stream the rest and pre-order the tape. -LP

#2 – 9/8/2014 – Holodeck Records announced that S U R V I V E would be touring through late September with Com Truise. Click through to the label’s website for dates and check out the snappy teaser vid from Christopher King (Symbol). -DP

#3 – 9/8/2014 – News started to circulate indicating that Brooklyn venue Death By Audio would close in November. Death By Audio was the first place my wife and I saw a show together in New York years ago, the only place we’ve ever seen Tonstartssbandht, Herbcraft, and many other incredible bands. To say the venue’s neighborhood has changed dramatically over the years, would be an understatement, and “gentrification” barely begins to cover the situation… it’s a sad loss. Read the full announcement over at Impose. –DP

#4 – 9/9/2014 – In what certainly is one of my most anticipated occurrences of the year, Georgia Hubley’s (Yo La Tengo, Condo Fucks) hermetic Little Black Egg project reared its head in a greatly expanded form as Little Black Egg Big Band, featuring fellow YLT’ers Ira Kaplan and James McNew, Steve Gunn and William Tyler along with vocal recordings of Letha Rodman Melchior to headline Three Lobed and WXDU’s day party during the Hopscotch Festival in Raleigh. The ever-present NYC Taper was there to capture the roughly 40-min, improvisational set in all its glory and made the entire thing available for a modest $5 (minimum) donation to Melchior’s charity. Read NYC Taper’s rundown of the show and follow the simple steps to donate/download the set before it’s gone (9/16). -BP

#5 – 9/9/2014 – To celebrate this “back-to-school” time of year, Gnar Tapes released a ridiculously awesome compilation, Gnar FM Presents: Back 2 Skool, featuring tracks from tons of bands, including Unkle Funkle, The Go, R. Stevie Moore, Boys Age, Free Weed, and more. It also includes an 8-part story about “a boy named Roger Gneedelheimer and his very first day of school” woven throughout. Check out Free Weed’s track below and head to their bandcamp to grab the full album. -LP

#6 – 9/9/2014 – Sacred Bones will reissue David Lynch and Alan Splet’s famous Eraserhead score on CD, following 2012’s long sold-out vinyl edition. The deluxe offering, due out Tuesday 16 September, will come with a booklet and double-sided poster. Stream “In Heaven” by Lynch and Peter Ivers below. –SD

#7 – 9/9/2014 – Kranky dropped “Call Across Rooms,” a three-minute taste of Liz Harris’ upcoming Ruins LP as Grouper. The track exposes the largely piano-driven pieces on the LP, a shift that jumps from Harris’ normal M.O. of guitar-and-vocal melancholy. Harris delivers her signature sullen melody with complete vulnerability, leaving behind nearly all traces of decay, hiss, and feedback that give Grouper’s albums the seductively disarming qualities they’re known for while still retaining the warm desolation we’ve all come to love and expect. Look for Ruins to drop this Halloween on Kranky– BP

#8 – 9/9/2014 – Patient Sounds announced its first open-submission poetry chapbook contest. It’s open from now until November 9th; the winner receives $100 and their work will be printed in a run of 50 lovely copies. Check out the guidelines for submitting here, and good luck! -LP

#9 – 9/9/2014 – Cy Dune, otherwise known as Seth Olinsky of Akron/Family fame and founder of Lightning Records, released his new LP and made the entire thing available to stream over at Brooklyn Vegan. The LP is the second by Olinsky under the Cy Dune guise, following last year’s fantastic No Recognize EP and continues the project’s sprawling, unhinged take on modern rural psych. Scope the LP online now and head over to the label’s site for more information. – BP

#10 – 9/9/2014 – Leisure Birds debuted a groovy music video for their track “Miner of Light”, from their third album, Tetrahedron, that came out earlier this year. Directed by Matt Visionquest, the video serves as perfect visual accompaniment to the track’s spaced-out, retro-futurist rhythms and hypnotic pulses with its vintage imagery, transitions, and spot-on title intro. Check out the video below, and pick up a copy of Tetrahedron on vinyl here, if you like. -LP

#11 – 9/10/2014 – NPR ran a feature on Nonesuch Records to help mark the label’s 50th anniversary celebration. Though the imprint is now owned by Warner Music Group and releases well beyond it’s initial purview as a “budget classical label;” Philip Glass, Steve Reich, very early world music, etc. Listen to the piece and read more at NPR’s website-DP

#12 – 9/10/2014 – Jeff Witscher (Rene Hell, Marble Sky, Deep Jew, Secret Abuse, et al.) released a new CD-r on his own Salon imprint. Limited to a mere 33 copies and entitled Bifurcating a Resounding No!, the disc hosts some of Witscher’s most abstract compositions to date. The publicly available excerpt (streaming below) exposes the spacious abstractions and musique concrete using a variety of origins, including “acoustic recordings and computer synthesis compounded into a single composition.” Pick up a copy of the CD-r directly via Salon’s site– BP

#13 – 9/10/2014 – Longtime electronic wizard Clark released “Unfurla,” a fluorescent jaunt of airy effects and lilted melody that also serves as the first taste of the producer’s upcoming, self-titled LP. The track runs through an extended euphoria, deeper into rhythmic grooves and further away from the more artfully sparse IDM Clark initially released. Stream “Unfurla” below and look for the LP to drop November 3 via Warp. – BP

#14 – 9/11/2014 – More music from Deerhoof‘s forthcoming album La Isla Bonita emerged. “Paradise Girls” hints at the quartet returning to the spare, spacious funk they mined for Offend Maggie and is accompanied by a video of sorts, which you can see below. La Isla Bonita was recorded live in guitarist Ed Rodriguez’s basement in between arguments over whether the record, out through Polyvinyl on November 4, should “sound like Joan Jett or Janet Jackson.” Deerhoof will tour behind the album and the nearest show to me, according to this snazzy tool, is only 3177 miles away. I’ve already started walking. –SD

#15 – 9/12/2014 – Tabs Out ran a groovy new feature introducing several new tape labels, a few of which have been profiled at Decoder this summer; Phinery in Denmark; American labels Castle Bravo, Oxtail, Aught; Adhesive Sounds from Canada; and Aubjects from who knows. Check it out. –DP