Hakobune / Oliwa / Former Selves / Panabrite – Oceanic Triangulation

Posted by on September 10, 2014

oceanic triangulation

This immense collection of ambient meandering not only spans two cassettes, but also the Pacific Ocean. The unlikely troika of both American continents and Asia are represented by the four artists who grace the bifold magnetic spools, the music of which spills out into blissful pools of gleaming wonder. Oakland’s Inner Islands imprint has done all in their power to capture the expansive sibilations of these drone wizards within the confines of these tapes, such that the entire package emanates what the label describes as “reflection, buoyance, serenity, and wonder.”  Methinks they’ve succeeded. From the East rises Hakobune, an ambient practitioner who calls Japan his home. His offering – the dense, fluttering “Kakogawa” – shimmers across a placid sea. Argentina’s Oliwa casts synthesizer notes like unplanted seeds on “After Night, Before Sunrise.” Eventually, his tones find fertile ground for a loping rhythm to germinate, sprout and bloom. The second cassette pairs up the Americans. Paul Skomsvold appears as Former Selves and immediately plumbs the depths of our planet’s largest ocean with “Triangulate Upon Paradise.” Microscopic melodies float within a body of drone like primitive organisms looking to morph and multiply. The always effervescent Norm Chambers (a.k.a. Panabrite) begins “Digest of Botanicals” by exploring a dank cavern as strange tones appear and ultimately evaporate into a host of stray photons that wrap the earth in their turbulent glow. You too can bathe in the calm waters of this fantastic compilation; head over to the Inner Islands Bandcamp to drink it all in.