LXV – ‘Spectral Playmate’

Posted by on August 15, 2014

lxv spectral playmate

With his latest guise LXV, David Sutton (formerly Current Amnesia and formerly one-half of Car Commercials) surveys a cast sonic landscape riddled with both charming and horrifying moments along the way. Tracks “Creta” and “Composite” smear and splice then amplify a sampled female vocal snippet into an all-encompassing flurry of dissonant beauty. The flurry consumes everything it comes into contact with, dilating the air in ways only Tim Hecker previously could. “Decoy” and “Portrait” take a similar but still disparate approach to this aurally arresting captivation, pushing every tone and micro-tone into the red to create a shimmering cloud of noise. Elsewhere, tracks like “Scanner” and “Mute Game” channel a grimly pastoral take on processed, celestial sound “99/90,” one of the more curious tunes here, is a wavering waltz of transcendent obliteration.

The entire 40-minute catharsis is available now (alongside the recently issued Samantha Glass cassette) directly via Sacred Phrases‘ online shop.