Garek Jon Druss – “Music for the Celestial Din”

Posted by on August 11, 2014

garek job druss celestial din

Still riding the celestial high administered by L.A. Lungs’ pristine Rrest LP released late June, Debacle now returns with an equally transcendental work by Garek Jon Druss. While you may recognize Druss’ name in relation to the bleak, dirge-peddlers Atriarch and Tecumseh, Music for the Celestial Din is an appropriately titled work that leaves the all corporeal hindrances and earthly encumbrances behind. Conceptually, the piece is a stunning display of duration and situation, having been originally conceived utilizing “five paper and wood polyhedron-shaped speakers (The Platonic Solids)” and frequencies 396HZ, 417HZ, and 528HZ, based on their reputed human response. The overall effect is a heap of meditative drones that build endlessly with subtle fits of rhythm and texture. The label also tacked on remixes by Pete Swanson and Ben Chisholm, sweetening the deal with a dichotomous round of reinterpretations. While the LP drops September 30 (digitally October 7), you can stream an excerpt of the album’s A-side below.