Week in Review #31

Posted by on August 9, 2014

Week 31

Plenty to catch up on this week, including news that French experimental producer High Wolf would be reissuing his Straight Cassette recordings, a “weird hip-hop” outing under his Black Zone Myth Chant moniker; an incredibly fun plod through acidic insanity. It’s been available digitally since July 28th but won’t get the full vinyl treatment until September, so keep your eyes peeled on Laitdbac Records for news.

I also noticed just into this past week, that on July 29th Nowness unveiled a new video in their Great Garden series, a meditative glimpse of the sprawling, well maintained Ford Ranch in Wyoming, featuring a short soundtrack from Kevin Greenspon (something I’d happily hear and see even if I was just a fan of Greenspon or elaborate private gardens); check that out here. In other Greenspon news, his imprint Bridgetown still has some copies remaining from their summer batch, through which I and a few other Decoder contributors have been making our ways through lately.

Berlin based Italian producer Lucy’s Stroboscopic Artefacts turned five on Friday, just before the beginning of this past week, and announced that it would celebrate by releasing 5 EPs that cover the range of the label’s interests to date and includes many of their past collaborators. From Resident Advisor: “Donato Dozzy, Kangding Ray, Tommy Four Seven, Xhin, Chevel, L.B. Dub Corp (AKA Luke Slater) and the label boss himself are some of the names we can expect to see in the series. The first EP, characterized as one of the more floor-oriented of the bunch, features Rrose, Perc, Pfirter and Lakker.” Read the entire announcement here

Since last week’s review, we’ve resolved to keep heading new installments with streaming media from “nearby releases,” which is to say from releases related to other tidbits we’ve covered or those that have just come out recently or in the last month or so. Thanks for reading, as always!

#1 – 8/3/2014 – Blue Tapes, the imprint of UK blog 20JazzFunkGreats, announced the launch of their new film imprint, Blue Movies; “‘Blue Movies’ is a new series curated by the tape label Blue Tapes. Each release will consist of one DVD encased in an aluminium tin and one large format art print. Each release will be strictly limited edition.” Though they’ve yet to share footage, the debut offering will come via Eugene S. Robinson, of Oxbow fame. Check out an audio sample below and look for the official release in September… to quote Robinson’s reading, “convivial in the extreme.” –DP

#2 – 8/4/2014 – Sound Colour Vibration leaked new details of a maxed-out, 3-CD boxed-set released by Robert Fripp’s Discipline Global Mobile celebrating Fripp and Brian Eno’s live performances in Paris from 1975. The set promises to include high-quality renderings of the original concert’s recordings along with a few must-have curiosities, such as backing loops without overdubs, the reversed loop for “Wind on Water” as used on the Evening Star album, and “Later On,” edited from No Pussyfooting and originally the B-side of Eno’s first solo single “Seven Deadly Finns.” – BP

#3 – 8/4/2014 – The Ants in My Trance music blog shared a massive rundown on “the New Guard of New Age,” tracing several manifestations back to the recent release of compilations like I Am the Center and Laraaji’s Celestial Music 1978-2011, which featured “rare early tape works, plus collaborations with Brian Eno, Bill Laswell and Blues Control…” The site has such whimsical strains of soft pop, electronica, and ambient production well covered generally and through their Gentle Daps podcast, but this new age feature takes a more wide-ranging look in text than many others; our friends at Inner Islands, Noumenal Loom, and Constellation Tatsu raise their heads, alongside others like Astro:Dynamics, Throne of Blood, and Quest Coast Quarterly. Read the entire feature at Ants in My Trance-DP

#4 – 8/4/2014 – Following a screening of Stop Making Sense at the Lincoln Center earlier this month, David Byrne gave some insight into some of the film’s lesser known narratives during a Q&A with the audience. While the concert footage and the Talking Heads tour that surrounded it were somewhat about “accepting the artificiality of being onstage” as well as the deconstruction of your average “rock” concert, Byrne revealed that there was also a “Psycho Killer” subtext — from the first scene where Byrne appears somewhat twitchy and deranged on stage, he slowly begins to be healed and purified by the act of performing with his bandmates. Byrne also spoke about some of his influences and about the making of the film; you can read the whole shebang here and check out the rest of the Stop Making Sense screening dates here. -LP

#5 – 8/5/2014 – International Tapes, still fresh from their shift to a mixtape format, unveiled a late summer mix from guitarist and producer Michael Beharie, one half of New York duo Tezeo. Focused in large part on interesting African electronic production, the contents give a solid glimpse of some of the international influences at work in his solo output. Listen to the entire mix at International Tapes-DP

#6 – 8/5/2014 – Sacred Phrases dropped a double dose of its ever-sprawling catalog, featuring new cassettes by spaced-out goth virtuoso Samantha Glass and hypnotic, glitch-ambient extraordinaire LXV. Both tapes are available now directly via the label’s Bandcamp site and will be delved into within these very pages soon. Stay tuned! – BP

#7 – 8/5/2014 – Mute made a rather massive announcement with plans to launch a campaign reissuing Can’ entire discography on vinyl. The krautrock gods’ legacy and influence on basically every band that ever followed is well-known at this point, but the availability of the band’s catalog on vinyl has been spotty at best. The series launches with Can’s most popular LPs (Ege Bamyasi, Tago Mago, Monster Movie, and Soundtracks) on Sept. 2, with staggered sets that drop Oct. 7 (Future Days, Soon Over Babaluma, Landed, Flow Motion, and Saw Delight (inc CD)), Oct. 21 (Can, Delay, Out of Reach, Rite Time, Unlimited Edition), and Nov. 4 (The Lost Tapes, volumes 1-5). Start saving your pennies now! – BP

#8 – 8/5/2014 – Seminal noise pop trio Medicine dropped a new single from their upcoming Home Everywhere LP. Due out Oct. 28 via Captured Tracks, the album promises to deliver the band’s signature, “omnidirectional” pop sound with rhythmic nods to Brazilian-inspired sounds and Talking Heads-esque peculiarities.  -BP

#9 – 8/6/2014 – Jimmy Tamborello revived Dntel, probably the best known of his various guises (Headset, Figurine, James Figurine, Antihouse, etc.), with plans to release a new LP on Leaving Records. Dntel has existed for almost two full decades, producing whistful and heady sketches of airy, glitchy synth-pop that largely templated the electronic pop boom following Tamborello’s now-classic work with Ben Gibbard as the Postal Service way back in 2003. Going from these songs, and lead single “If I Stay a Minute,” the dude’s still got it. Human Voice is Dntel’s fifth LP and drops Sept. 23. – BP

#10 – 8/6/2014 – Michael Barron, a New York based writer/editor and member of Megafortress, recently had a brilliant piece featured in the Harper’s Magazine website, “Virtualsity: Inventing the instruments of the future.” Perhaps enough said, click through now and enjoy the YouTube embeds, it starts fantastically with an ‘electronic wind instrument’ solo from prominent saxophonist Michael Brecker kicking things off, covering pre- and post-MIDI developments, LED, interfaces, etc, before ending with the question: “If a generation of people who grew up listening to plugged-in instruments and guitar solos have moved onto the computer, what happens when a generation of musicians who have learned to sample and manipulate automated audio clips are given the tools for expressive digital instrumentation?” -DP

#11 – 8/7/2014 – In other 20JazzFunkGreats news, the blog celebrated their ten year anniversary by sharing the site’s first post, a write-up of Throbbing Gristle (naturally) with an accompanying DFA remix; we’ll mark it the same way-DP

#12 – 8/7/2014 – Alabama-based psych-rockers Plains headed out on a mini tour this Thursday, starting in Athens, Georgia before they make their way north into North Carolina, Baltimore, New York, and more (including a show in West Virginia!) over the next week. Be sure to catch these guys live if you can, and check out the sweet tour teaser video below. -LP