Pulse Emitter – “Shamanic Pictographs”

Posted by on August 7, 2014

pulse emitter alien vacation

There’s elements of “Shamanic Pictographs,” off Pulse Emitter’s excellent new self-released cassette, Alien Vacation, I’ve come to expect from Daryl Groetsch’s and a lot new aspects that push this new album into the upper echelon of Groetsch’s discography. “Shamanic Pictographs” begins with a slow yet purposeful drumbeat, minimal and almost tribal, laying the foundation for layers of repetitive synth elements, from hazy leads to metallic, otherworldly drones. Everything comes together to create a contemplative mood where anything in the stellar sphere seems within reach. When it comes to composing for an array of synthesizers, Groetsch has few peers. Alien Vacation is out now via Pulse Emitter’s Bandcamp.