Week in Review #28

Posted by on July 19, 2014

Week 27

Just before this week began, it turns out the gang at Hausu Mountain announced a tour — Goodwill Smith and Sugarm will be cavorting in a compressed squiggle from Ohio through the northeast, then south for a moment, and back north to terminate at the Voice of the Valley Noise Rally less than an hour outside of Charleston (West Virginia’s state capitol, in case you aren’t up on our vital statistics). Voice of the Valley is one of the state’s only homegrown venues for experimental music, and it probably will be for a good part of the foreseeable future… in a nutshell, it’s a West Virginia farm with a bevy of bands worth seeing, and an absurdly small price tag. I’m not saying don’t feel free to see Good Willsmith and Sugarm play elsewhere, but I’d be trying to catch them here, while they’re so well accompanied; Headboggle and Khaki Blazer are two other names from this year’s line-up.

Check out some of Hausu’s tour dates below and the Voice of the Valley website here. In the meantime, the fest also has a new mixtape of unreleased tracks circulating courtesy of Delaware imprint 905 Tapes. Though the Hausu boys aren’t featured, you’ll spot Headboggle and Khaki Blazer, Brett Naucke, and what I assume (or would like to think) is a West Virginia riff on Headboggle called “Hillboggle.” Enjoy and check out this fest, seriously, it only costs $50 or $35 if you can book yourself in with a group.

GWSugarm, 2014

#1 – 7/13/2014 – Neon Marshmallow announced the lineup for its 2014 festival, scheduled for July 31 – Aug 3 at The Burlington in Chicago. With highlights that include Brett Nuacke, Olivia Block, Telecult Powers, Hair Police, Closet Heat (collaboration featuring Samantha Glass and Golden Donna, and Dylan Ettinger’s supposed final performance, this year’s incarnation undoubtedly continues NM’s always fascinating and rewarding events. Sadly, there won’t be a companion tape compilation this go-’round, but you can purchase a weekend package ticket for only $30, getting you access to all sets, an exclusive Telecult Powers track, and a “free hour of select Stoli beverages every night.” -BP

#2 – 7/14/2014 – Hobo Cult and MIND Records teamed up for a new set of “Otherwise Insignificant Psyche Debris” by Montreal producer Jesse Osborne-Lanthier (Noir), Limited to 100 copies, the tape is a supposed exaggerated and terminal follow-up to Athenaeum of Unedited, Superannuated, Incomplete, Unreleased, Intimate Works, 2011-2013, which of course, we’re huge fans of. Copies of the tape are available now directly via JO-L’s Bandcamp-BP

#3 – 7/15/2014 – One Brian Katz was revealed as the winner of a competition whose prize was the opportunity to collaborate with Nas on a video for the classic Illmatic track “Represent.” Katz’s vision, inspired by the 1924 film The Thief of Baghdad and the parallels he drew between its protagonist and the New York rapper’s own back story (DJ Premier’s production on “Represent” also samples the movie’s soundtrack), was brought to life by Mass Appeal’s Jason Goldwatch and is the first official clip for the Illmatic stand-out. The album is now available in a special 20th Anniversary edition featuring freestyles, remixes and demos. Watch “Represent” below. –SD

#4 – 7/15/2014 – Pat Murano released a batch of three new Decimus cassettes on his own Kelippah imprint. Separated out into three equal parts, the The Abduction of Kreiddylat series finds Murano at his most haunted and sublime. Each tape is limited to a mere 30 copies, which can be purchsed a la cart via Bandcamp as a batched, discounted rate directly via Kelippah’s online store-BP

#5 – 7/16/2014 – Melbourne four-piece Yolke recently unveiled a vinyl reissue of their 2013 EP Syrup, a collection of six ambient/psych excursions out on Fallopian Tunes. The vinyl edition is small so jump over to the Fallopian Tunes Bandcamp fast. -DP

#6 – 7/16/2014 – Those looking for an alternative to the Edinburgh Festival this August could do worse than checking out Pale Imitation Festival at the city’s stalwart alt venue Henry’s Cellar Bar. Various Scottish bands, many of whom are alumni of Edinburgh’s Song, by Toad Records, will perform at Henry’s throughout the month – those wishing to see Rob St. John, Johnnie Common, PAWS, The Leg, Malcolm Middleton and many more in action can buy tickets for the events here. –SD

#7 – 7/17/2014 – International Tapes, originally orchestrated by Ad Hoc co-founder Ric Leichtung and now run by former Altered Zones contributor Luke Carrell, recently scrapped their long-time website for a more streamlined Tumblr and format: “After 4 years of writing about found tapes, albums, videos, and tracks, we’re going to focus on continuing our mixtape series and our weekly show on Newtown Radio, featuring co-host Tim Hodgin and very special guests. As always, we’re going to keep our ears and energies focused on bringing you the out of the way, unexpected and the pop/not so pop sounds we think are important.” Read their launch announcement and check out the new website here-DP

#8 – 7/17/2014 – Hamish Kilgour, founding member of The Clean and The Mad Scene, announced the release of his first ever solo album, All Of It and Nothing. The record was recorded in collaboration with Gary Olson at Marlborough Farms and comes out on Ba Da Bing Records September 16th — they’re also releasing Temporary: Selections from Dunedin’s Pop Underground 2011-2014 (a compilation of current Dunedin bands) on the same day. You can pre-order All Of It and Nothing here, check out The Clean’s upcoming US tour dates here, and order a copy of Temporary right here. Gotta love that New Zealand scene. -LP

#9 – 7/17/2014 – In this, the year of our savior Daniel Bachman, Feeding Tube Records has released a reissue of the classic LP Grey-Black-Green in an edition of 400 vinyl copies, previously available on CD from Debacle Records. As Bachman continues to kill it on the damn-near daily with a bevy of new recordings available from others like Bathetic Records, this one is really a joy to revisit, as it represents a more raw and primitive recording style of Bachman’s refined American primitive playing, as compared to the cleaner veneer of his newer material. -CP

#10 – 7/18/2014 – July, 18, 2004, the very first release by Justin Wright’s Expo ’70 will be reissued over three formats next month. Available on LP, cassette and CD in an edition of 500, the record features contributions from members of Bipolar Bear aka Kill Shaman founders Paul Kneejie and Bryan Levine. –SD

#11 – 7/18/2014 – ISSUE Project Room, the experimental New York performance space/residency, announced the launch of its own in house publishing arm, Distributed Objects, with double LPs planned from former artists-in-residence Sabisha Friedberg and Sergei Tcherepnin. Check out their Kickstarter for the details. -DP