Scanner Darkly – Beautiful Mistakes

Posted by on June 26, 2014

Scanner Darkly

Scanner Darkly takes the modern-day, overused “techno album” concept to a much more conscious level in Beautiful Mistakes. There’s a pop on the beat,  followed up by controlled electronic improv. It’s not like Scanner Darkly is doing anything new as far as technique is concerned, but the sounds that blend and emerge form slowly, with patience; Beautiful Mistakes lives up to both definitions of the word composed. The j-card art is also incredibly true to the sounds reeling off the magnet here. Vibrant and colorful, but diminished and collapsed together (perhaps intentionally). But Scanner Darkly has swag enough to pull off whatever you feel while listening though. For me, it feels like driving a speedboat at top speed, hanging onto the last sip of champagne as it nearly flies out of the flute. Snag Beautiful Mistakes, the second release from Kansas imprint Dionysian Tapes, via Bandcamp.