Week in Review #23

Posted by on June 14, 2014

Week 22

Twenty three installments into the Week in Review, a little more than half a year into the practice (yea, we skipped a couple weeks for Christmas the first time around), I thought I’d open one with a quick word on the site. We’ll be adding several new contributors over the summer and we’ll have a slew of new columns popping up over the next several months… now that the season’s getting close to being in full swing though, we couldn’t be more grateful for the support our readers have given us over the year. We hope yours has been as good so far! Beyond that, we’ve got our typical mix of new releases and interesting reportage to share this week; David Byrne’s personal blog continues to be a cracking good read (his latest essay deals with consumerism and speculates along the lines of big-box distribution’s effect on society), which I mention in case that much somehow wasn’t already obvious.

#1 – 6/8/2014 – Brownbook, a Dubai based magazine focused on “the contemporary Middle East and North Africa,” recently ran a feature on Hisham Mayet, the Libyan born and now Portland based proprietor of the Sublime Frequencies imprint, alongside other tremendous international coverage, including a piece on Ethiopian “jazz king” Mulatu Astatk. Subscriptions are a pricey commitment but the magazine’s coverage seems distinctly varied, and happens to be free online-DP

#2 – 6/9/2014 – Deathbomb Arc will team up with Not Not Fun for a joint label showcase at LA’s Handbag Factory on 17 July. The shindig, which will see Robedoor, tik///tik, True Neutral Crew and Filthy Huns play live, has been arranged to celebrate the return of noise-rappers clipping. from tour. Afterhours will DJ throughout the event, which is $10 in and all ages. clipping., whose new album is currently receiving rave reviews the world over, also dropped a new mix midweek. Check that out below. –SD

#3 – 6/9/2014 – Ba Da Bing have teamed with Grapefruit Record Club to bring an enormous set of live recordings by New Zealand noise rock legends The Dead C into the world. The Twelfth Spectacle comprises 4 LPs covering shows in New York, LA, London and Brussels between 2002 and 2013 and is available to pre-order now for an August release. –SD

#4 – 6/9/2014 – Oakland-based experimental tape imprint Sanity Muffin released an anthology of primarily southeast Asian psych called Pulsating Strings: A Collection of Psychedelic Asian Guitar Music, a collection curated by DJ Bobby Ganush; who I presume from his penchant for psychedelic guitars is, like the label, one of Oakland’s many characteristically broad-horizoned denizens. No sound samples at the moment but grab the tape from SM’s website-DP

#5 – 6/9/2014 – Drag City announced a new Ty Segall album that’s due August 26th (on vinyl, cassette, and CD) titled Manipulator. You can check out the album teaser below, and pre-order the record here. -LP

#6 – 6/10/2014 – Gold Robot Records unveiled a Moss of Aura remix of “Loved One” by Roman Ruins. Source of Pride, the second full-length album from Roman Ruins (Graham Hill), will be out July 15th and also features remixes by Meanest Man Contest, Monster Rally, Yalls, and others. Pre-order your copy here and check out the Moss of Aura remix below. -LP

#7 – 6/10/2014 – In a new piece for the Wire, Not Not Fun’s Britt Brown criticized the recent trend among labels toward the reissue, identifying it as a drain on new artists. He says, “Rather than scouting active musicians whose fates are still in flux and thus less bankable, labels now stalk the chicer boroughs of sonic history for offshoots, footnotes, side projects, shelved studio experiments – anything with an aura of authenticity, because this is the quality we’ve convinced ourselves doesn’t exist in the present.” “Authenticity” is the key but from my perspective nobody is really in the wrong on this. The internet is a difficult variable to correlate but I see new internet-accessed markets as seeking consolidation and naturally authenticity confers legitimacy. To that extent, reissues beg the question, what are we doing when we release records, inculcate them, exhaust their physical edition, and prepare a new redaction? Institutions like Smithsonian Folkways would seem to argue that pedagogy is well served by the process. That the advance of technology brings information and media closer together may seem old hat, but to some extent reissues can be seen as a late stage example of how a community catches up with the public consciousness surrounding it; that is to say, as demographics evolve, I suspect artists, labels, and consumers, have become much more alike than they think: the impulse to curate a reissue LP seeming not all that different from the perspective that takes interest in and buys said reissue. Hopefully as the essay implies, a deeper experience of history will ultimately build confidence for a fuller experience of the moment. Read the entire essay here-DP

#8 – 6/10/2014 – Stones Throw announced that they had signed Philippine born producer Ringgo Ancheta, aka Mndsgn, with plans well under way for his first LP, Yawn Zen, set to lazily roll around in bed for a few minutes before jumping to your speakers on August 26th. Check out the full announcement and a rundown of the label’s summer releases-DP

#9 – 6/11/2014 – Hot Releases, Carrboro’s most beloved and curious imprint for all things experimental (pop, techno, acid, folk, noise, etc.), released two new 12-inches that speak to the label’s varied and rewarding sonic signature. First up is the sickly effervescent pop tones of Sweetie Sweats’ (Ariana Dominguez (formerly of Tampa dreampunk duo Honey Heads with Kylie Lance AKA Father Finger)) Cambium, a set of 11 genuinely lo-fi goodness that oozes with sincerely seductive and catchy melodies with an ear for bedroom shoegaze and cold wave, but without all the nerdiness. Second comes in the form of Faster Detail’s Chance Cube EP, a clouded but celestial bout of gutter acid modes perpetrated byAlex Chesney (of Ashrae Fax and Gam Spun). Each set on its own is an enthralling dive into their respective sounds, but listening to both in-tandem is a truly fascinating experience. Stream both sets below and pick up a copy of each over at Hot Releases’ Bandcamp-BP

#10 – 6/11/2014 – Dirty Pillows a Summer Sale of its entire catalog, including choice bits Geoff, Harsh Vibes, and Baseball Cap, all of which have been covered previously in these very pages. The deals from from an insane all-in package (all 8 tapes for $20, shipping included) to a buy-one-get-one deal, and more. According to the label, the sale will go on while supplies last, so hurry up and jettison your way over to their site now. -BP

#11 – 6/11/2014 – Shropshire, UK’s Sin-Eater Festival finalized its line-up for this year’s weekender. Running from June 20-22 at The Bridges pub in Ratlinghope, the festival will welcome Mugstar, Ex-Easter Island Head, Cian Nugent, The Family Elan, Woven Skull, Alasdair Roberts and Ben Chasny’s New Bums among others. Dead Rat Orchestra will once again lead the Saturday night parade to the burning of the wicker man, or, in this case, the impressive wicker hare. Three Tuns Brewery has also created a special beer for the occasion. Read our review of last year’s inaugural Sin-Eater here. –SD

#12 – 6/11/2-14 – 12k announced via Twitter its plans to re-release two of its most hallowed works of electronic minimalism and pristine glitch music: Dan Abrams‘ 2001 classic Stream and Abrams’ 2002 landmark LP as shuttle358 Understanding Wildlife, both originally released on Mille Plateaux. The pleasant news came almost immediately after the label issued new work by Pjusk and a collaborative effort by Stephen Vitiello and Taylor Deupree. All releases are available now in 12k’s online shop-BP

#13 – 6/11/2014 – Swiftly following the label’s massive and stunning 11-tape set “Dynasty at Ghost Town,” Bathetic announced three new LPs, each vastly contrasting the sound and aesthetic of the others. Ushering in a motley triptych featuring full-lengths by Mouthus-affiliate United Waters, Form a Log (a new trio featuring Ren Schofield, Noah Anthony, and Rick Weaver), and Daniel Bachman. Save yourself a few sheckles and pick up the entire batch at once for barely more than the price of two. -BP

#14 – 6/12/2014 – Peter Taylor curated and released a compilation album “created by various artists to celebrate the beautiful game and those rare players who have made a mark on the world.” Released via Taylor’s Mortuus Auris and the Black Hand Bandcamp and coinciding with the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the set includes exclusive and unreleased tracks by the likes of Parashi, Rambutan, Port Tropique, and more. All proceeds for the compilation will go directly to Action for Brazil’s Children, a charity organization that “supports a variety of locally-run projects across Brazil, which aim give young people a second chance and help them to transform their lives.” -BP

#15 – 6/12/2014 – Dummy Mag spilled the beans on The Bug’s upcoming album on Ninja Tune. Entitled Angels & Devils and due out 8/25, Kevin Martin’s latest album under his long-running guise will feature heavy, dosed electronic music featuring several surprise cameos, including Liz Harris (Grouper), Inga Copeland, Death Grips, Flowdan, Gonjasufi, Warrior Queen, Miss Red, and Manga. Interested parties can head over to Ninja Tune‘s site to pre-order the album now. –BP

#16 – 6/13/2014 – Denver-based Planted Tapes released the latest tape from Chaz Prymek’s Lake Mary guise, which is the second time Prymek and the label teamed up for a release. Per Planted Tapes’ M.O., each cassette was packaged (painstakingly, but ever so lovingly) by hand. Each element of the album’s physical manifestation was assembled with care, resulting in a handsome package which the label describes as: “a purple tint cassette with vinyl-transfer labels on both sides, a Risograph-printed booklet, all tucked away in a box made of salvaged cedar wood, this music finds a comfortable home for its rustic, simple beauty.” Talk about labor of love. View the set below and pick up a copy before they run out directly from the label-BP

lake mary

#17 – 6/13/2014 – Serein announce an intended reissue of Nest’s Retold on vinyl. Originally released in 2009, Retold is much cherished by fans of the Welsh label. The new double LP edition will come with bonus tracks and fresh artwork, and there is the possibility of further extras should the label raise enough money through pre-sales. Listen to Retold‘s “Kyoto” below. –SD

#18 – 6/14/2014 – As of now Transgressor Magazine (“a celebration of outsiders philosophies and cultural trespassers”) is almost halfway to their funding goal on Kickstarter, which will go toward preparing a print anthology of their first three issues. I admit my hook into the project was as simple as the name and finding out that their fourth issue’s cover is graced by Mumia Abu-Jamal, but perhaps yours will be more timely. -DP