Lost Here… – Hospital Music

Posted by on April 28, 2014

lost here hospital music

San Francisco-based label Fur Tuxedo Records only has four releases to its name so far, but the one that’s jumped out at me the most is this incredible concept album about a hospital visit, by an artist known as Lost Here… The titles of the 15 tracks on this album tell the story of a single hospital visit, focusing on the details of the hospital room, the machines and tubes, the feelings, insomnia and sleepwalking, and finally going home feeling better. The music consists of melodic, lucid tones, which do in fact feel like a strange yet ultimately rewarding hospital trip, as the song titles suggest. I definitely hear melodies reminiscent of Boards Of Canada and Squarepusher (at his least manic), but instead of being attached to trippy/crazy beats, they’re allowed to float freely. The melodies are relaxing and twinkly, but the bass tones really shoot right into your subconscious and guide your brain somewhere else. Not sure if this could replace Alec Empire’s Les Étoiles Des Filles Mortes as my favorite lucid dreaming soundtrack, but it’s definitely a more pleasant and less jarring listen than that album. Hospital Music is available now at Fur Tuxedo Records’ Bandcamp.