The Fun Years – One Quarter Descent

Posted by on April 8, 2014

the fun years one quarter descent

Even as I’ve sat at the computer staring towards passing deadlines for reflections on this tape, an appropriate response only grows in its place as an eternally evading concept. Indeed it would seem as if stasis in itself is the only logical reaction to the dripping sounds and gripping compositions laid down by Isaac Sparks and Ben Recht. This being my first introduction to the duo, One Quarter Descent brings back melancholic memories of days spent in utter escapism, immersing myself in the soothing repetition of drone and ambient music. I’ve always had a lot of respect for musicians who work with a more minimal approach to compositions because there has to be some element that can transcend the temporal nature of time, adding the human element to this narrative. A reflection of this is in the attention to detail that must be placed in each change and fluctuation as it is magnified in the context of the wider listening experience. In the case of The Fun Years, one of the unique aspects of the listening experience is in it’s divergence from escapism, though it triggers something aesthetically in my memory the sounds themselves actually mix in perfectly with whatever noise is surrounding me at that time. A whistling stranger does not get lost in these melodies, rather their unique voice is amplified amongst the surrounding beauty, it is strangely passive music that provides a welcome filter to dreary days. The tape itself is sadly out-of-print, but it shouldn’t stop you from digging into the new and old spaces inhabited by this excellent duo. Stream One Quarter Descent in its entirety via Spring Break Tapes’ Bandcamp.