Baseball Cap – New Surrealism

Posted by on March 18, 2014


Wielding only his finger, a patch cord, and an array of effects pedals, Christian Filardo essentially sculpts the sound of his own body’s electromagnetic nature. Live human tissue has both electrical resistance and capacitance, and Filardo – who runs the Holy Page imprint and records shockingly intense noise-scapes as Baseball Cap – uses these properties to his advantage, coaxing misty clouds of static and feedback from his unassuming fingertip. For some reason, Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam” immediately springs to mind, with Filardo as deity and New Surrealism – the cacophonic cassette at hand, released late in 2013 on the Dirty Pillows Recording Company imprint – as the humanoid offspring. I know it seems like a freaky image to behold, but one can’t help what one’s imagination brings to the surface.

Given the spartan nature of the equipment employed in the creation of this tape, there is a surprisingly diverse array of sounds and textures unleashed. Sub-bass growling, caterwauling squelches, improper electrical grounding procedures, and what sounds like a snake charmer’s flute slowly turning in on itself are just a few examples of the sonic imagery conjured by Filardo as he molests his unassuming cable. There is beauty to be witnessed, however, in this stormy sea of noise. Forms emerge and take shape, groping to be witnessed before being thrashed against a rocky coastline of feedback. It’s these moments of groggy half-awareness that ensure New Surrealism plays out like a fog-coated sunrise rather than a murky, rain-soaked night. Copies of the tape are still available over at the Dirty Pillows shop, so snap one up and bake yourself with untamed electricity.