Dane Patterson – Ghosting

Posted by on March 13, 2014

Dane Patterson Fabrica

I’m sure that I’m starting to sound like a broken record with my praise-heavy reports from the outer fringes of music, but this is cassette is undeniably epic, as much as it is undeniably wild. Visual artist Dane Patterson, who curates the Plant Migration imprint, has on offer a pair of extended, skull-infiltrating compositions that marry modified slabs of free improv “concrete” sounds with mulched electronics and samples. We’re talking about twenty-six minutes of repeated brain bombings from deep fried clatter and home-brew synth wrangling. These are the incoherent ramblings of a virus-addled artificial intelligence getting beneath the circuits of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop’s sound-making arsenal, with a free jazz drummer on stand-by just for kicks.  It’s completely mind-altering music in and of itself, no chemicals required: jump cuts, noise spikes, garbled communiqués, and a healthy dose of static succeed at pulling the rug out from under us time and time again as the magnetic tape unravels. Yet the cacophony is somehow Earth-bound in its presentation — a whisper, some uncanny drumming, a well-placed and recognizable bleep all serve as anchor points to keep this freaky spaceship from steering its way into the sun.  It’s certainly a grip-worthy piece of music, so head on over to the Fabrica shop to pick up your copy.