Golden Donna – “Pale Dream Rider”

Posted by on February 25, 2014

Golden Donna

We last left off with Madison, WI based synth idol Joel Shanahan, aka Golden Donna, after dropping a split for CGI Records last November, helping inaugurate the new techno imprint alongside Atlanta’s own maverick producer Cc (you may recognize him sooner by C Powers or just plain Chris Powers). While the split contrasted taut beats from Cc with Shanahan’s more atmospheric works, the latter’s new tape for 100% Silk leaps even further from CGI’s urban minimalist streak. The imaginative reorientation seems only marginal under his guidance… a 45 degree turn on the back of your heels from that and into the universe of “Pale Dream Rider,” equally refined but with its own distinctive sheen, glistening as if from under glass. The rider is implied in the track’s pulsating rhythm, offering a strong thread of consciousness as Shanahan advances through successive washes of  enigmatic noise. The cassette is currently available from Midheaven, but will be listed by 100% Silk in the next several days along with a handful of other developing releases.