Black Unicorn – Traced Landscapes

Posted by on February 24, 2014

Black Unicorn

I’ve gone a few months without formally revisiting Field Hymns, one of my favorite Portland institutions (at least I consider it one), so I’m celebrating the resumption of normal relations by listening into one of their latest, Black Unicorn’s Traced Landscapes cassette, on our absolute worst tape deck. With my average time per day spent on Bandcamp exceeding several hours now, I’ve been looking forward to listening to this kosmische nugget through a few layers of technological frailty, if you’ll allow the expression. Looking away for a few months, their catalog simply seems to become larger and more self-aware, though it may be fair to call kosmische the label’s particular focus. Though Black Unicorn have a long string of past releases (Rubber City Noise) the band seems to have been more or less inactive since then… a note on their Bandcamp indicates that some of Traced Landscapes is drawn from older CD-R releases. Field Hymns describes the album as “the law of correspondence seen from the rear view mirror of a departing space shuttle,” and though much of the album is composed of floating vignettes, these and others still incorporate the kinetic energy that the label invokes; subtle, like the slow arcs of a spacecraft tunneling at an angle through tidal forces. Though its name implies sketches and likens its songs to the representation of terrestrial spaces, Traced Landscapes can still seem to exist as much in the dance of pulsating energy I imagine is best observed from within a clear patch of deep space. In lieu of recourse to whatever mode of interstellar conveyance you prefer, grab the cassette from Field Hymns’ Bandcamp.