Blue Krishna – Repeat Until Death

Posted by on February 13, 2014


I spotted Blue Krishna’s Repeat Until Death cassette not too long ago over at the Invisible Guy blog, tucked into a tape-batch preview from Los Angeles imprint Nostilevo, with the appealing opener “Desolate music for a wintry landscape.” Though I can’t find too much about the band elsewhere, it appears to be a new side-project of LA’s Alex Jarson, otherwise active through Chondritic Sound and Ascetic House with his brother Alexander in Body of Light; Ascetic also released Blue Krishna’s debut in 2013, a cassette titled Youth in Chains. I wasn’t able to find a stream for his debut, but based purely on Jarson’s Repeat Until Death cassette for Nostilevo, Blue Krishna takes a more subdued approach than Body of Lights. Heavily distorted vocals and economical synths are more the order of the day, though both projects seem like comfortable fits in LA’s industrial/synth scene. Invisible Guy and Nostilevo previewed the tape with its standout opener, “Cant See the Line,” all cavernous vocals and a driving beat. It eventually gives way to more varied tracks that may in fact be more representative of Jarson’s ambitions for the project’s production, but the early high-watermark is hugely memorable. Grab a copy of Repeat Until Death from Nostilevo’s Bandcamp, and check out Invisible Guy if you dig all this synth business.