Wyrd Distro Launch Tape

Posted by on February 12, 2014


This Saturday, February 15th, Weird Canada will launch its much anticipated Wyrd Distro, an operation being billed as “Canada’s first not-for-profit distribution service focusing exclusively on Canadian experimental, emerging, diy, fringe, and underground music across all formats.” Even though I can’t imagine what may happen to be my first purchase, the thought of shopping at a distro animated by the same goals that have driven Weird Canada forward as a resource for artists… is more than a little exciting (as much as the prospect of another modest, well earned money-pile well-spent / invested). I for one will regret that we’ll not be closer to Canada when their nation-wide launch parties start to roll out… more than a couple too many states away from the free mix they’ll be passing out on tape at the events. The stream they’ve passed on in the meantime just seems to emphasize what a worthwhile thing it would be to go after (and to admire, in lieu of that). From their description… “At Weird Canada we’ve spent the last five years fetishizing physically-released music. To celebrate the launch of Wyrd Distro, we’ve compiled previously digital-only tracks from every province and territory in Canada. May your ears ring with reverberations from this northerly land.” Scanning the tracklist, I only readily recognize Thoughts on Air, but as a dweller-in-America, I think Weird Canada is still a long ways off from losing the ability to surprise me, or anyone else that hasn’t given up completely in order to set themselves watching their site stream exclusively. Check out the rest of the contributors and a SoundCloud stream below, but I’ll leave off more or less with that… thanks to Marie Flanagan and Aaron Levin for all the surprises up to now.

If you are in Canada and somehow hadn’t gotten wind of this yet, get the scoop on Wyrd Distro’s launch events from their Facebook event. Following the launch, Canadian label and noted distro in its own right, Unit Structure Sound Recordings, will be sharing their own mix as a free download with the first 50 people to order from the Distro — even more reason to keep your eye’s pealed, even if you can’t quite make it to Canada right now.

1) Little Things – Witch Fingers (NL) 0:00
2) Organ Magic – Pel Torro (NS) 4:00
3) Puddy Banks – Vex.co (PE) 12:25
4) Pastel Skeleton – Cocoons (NB) 18:00
5) Dan Galway – Real Talk (NU) 19:40
6) Mom Jeans – Dormir Saoul (QC) 23:42
7) Corridor – Quel quoi (QC) 25:35
8) Dories – Last Bus (QC) 29:51
9) Fet. Nat – Le Glown (QC) 34:25
10) Cousins of Reggae – Doin the tides with you (ON) 38:57
11) Sleuth Bears – Your Records (ON) 44:06

12) THOMAS – Kissing (ON) 48:14
13) Thoughts on Air – Foundations, Building Blocks (ON) 51:51
14) Stuka – Pitiful (ON) 55:28
15) Battlewulf – Don’t Wanna Touch Yo Dick (ON) 58:50
16) New Zebra Kid – 5AM (ON) 1:00:37
17) Syzslak – Turquoise (ON) 1:06:00
18) Audio Opera – The Experiment (MB) 1:10:06
19) Chinese Pyramids – Everything (SK) 1:16:02
20) Tiger Wing – Earthly Evils (AB) 1:18:32
21) Telstar Drugs – Saline (AB) 1:21:07
22) Nacomi – Zero (NT) 1:25:14
23) Sauna Music – One to Always (YT) 1:27:52
24) Only Wolf – Snow (BC) 1:32:03
25) Fountain – Divide (BC) 1:35:09