Stage Hands – “Adaptive Lines”

Posted by on February 12, 2014

Stage Hands

Stage Hands is the new project of My Idea of Fun and The Meets ringmaster Brandon Locher, playing alongside drummer and fellow Pennsylvania native Gerald Mattis. They’ve been together just a few months and with only one track circulating, but according to Locher they plan to begin sharing new tracks throughout the year. Their first single “Regardless,” shared by our friends at Impose Magazine, is a bouncy track that plays up Mattis’ drumming and a more elaborate production angle, though it bears mentioning this and their newest single both feature a certain Sean Jackson managing quite well on KORG duties. “Adaptive Lines,” their latest, is longer and more open-ended, an appropriately organic sketch that stretches out to five minutes. With less fast-paced instrumentation than their previous single and a soft intro, the duo’s studio flourishes shine through all the more brightly, first in just delicately oscillating tones, then as the songs resolves into a particularly mellow stage in one of the Sonic the Hedgehog games. Follow the My Idea of Fun SoundCloud for updates.