Jacques Caramac & The Sweet Generation – “Kream Puff”

Posted by on January 21, 2014

Jacques Caramac The Sweet Generation

Taken from their debut full length, The Highs & Lows of Jacques Caramac & The Sweet Generation, due out on Everyday Life Recordings/Rocket Girl at the end of the month, “Kream Puff” continues the candy-obsessed Franco-Scottish-Bolivian band’s adventures in the obscure. American readers may not quite get all the references scattered throughout Jacques Caramac‘s sugary soundworld (do you have Mr. Kipling over there? What about Sports Mixture?), but the band’s brand of wry observational rock brings to mind similarly singular British acts from Pulp to British Sea Power and even, on album track “It Takes All Sorts,” The Fall. Truthfully, it’s not usually the kind of thing I’d go in for, but there’s just something about their sound, and “Kream Puff” in particular, that keeps me coming back. Whether it’s the off-kilter vocals and Caramac’s love of a good British turn of phrase, or the sheer kick of sweet-based nostalgia, JC&TSG’s Krautrock-powered dreams of love and loss stick like so many glistening Midget Gems. But you don’t know about them either, do you..? The Highs & Lows of Jacques Caramac & The Sweet Generation is available to order now on CD and limited edition polka-dotted 12″ picture disc.