M. Sage – Limit Invitations (A-side)

Posted by on January 16, 2014

m sage limit invitations

Hailing from Fort Collins, CO, Matthew Sage creates dreamlike sonic portraits that are both elegantly fragile and densely immense. Sage’s latest set of dreary movements comes in the form of Limit Invitations, an already-sold-out tape issued via Exo Tapes. Although the cassette is already sold out, Exo has done us all a favor by streaming Limit Invitations‘ entire A-side via SoundCloud. In the 20 minutes digitally available, Sage highlights his effortless ability to cast an ethereal shadow across a sonic landscape of blissfully burdened drones. “Exit Gamble” sets the tone with decayed dissonance, performing a sort of exegesis of celestial sound. That track keeps it brief though, leaving ample time for “Rusted Edges” and “Resident in Memory.” While the former provides a display of lambent resonance through sustained and shifting harmonies, the latter veers completely into deep space, deploying washes of massive chords like a prettier Growing or an uglier Stars of the Lid. Delve into the haunted atmospheres below.