Nerve Net Noise – Magnetic Breath (excerpts)

Posted by on January 15, 2014

nerve net noise

Here’s a brain-scrambling cassette perfect for Winter snow-gazing, courtesy of the Seattle-based Masters Chemical Society imprint. Nerve Net Noise is a duo of home-brewed electronics enthusiasts hailing from Japan. The enigmatically-named members Kumax (Hiroshi Kumakiri) and Tagomago (Tsuyoshi Nakamaru) have been known to unleash torrents of fried electronic mayhem, as evinced on previous outings for labels such as Intransitive and Staalplaat. On Magnetic Breath, which is a completely apt title for this kooky brew, Kumax busts out an alto sax, delivering hints of jazz and non-idiomatic improv. What we get is akin to Pan Sonic with reeds, both dry and manipulated streams of sax striding alongside minimal, mostly rhythmic electronic noise. Standout track “Running Humanoid” evokes the sensation of being lost inside a broken hard drive, while the sax-heavy “Bright Breath” and “Poison” offer untreated and heavily effected blowing, respectively. Grip this tape directly from the MCS Bandcamp, as it’s available now.