Premiere: Stag Hare – Angel Tech

Posted by on November 11, 2013

Stag Hare

As Stag Hare, SLC-native Garrick Biggs records beat-riddled drone and shoegaze that fits in perfectly with otherworldly nu-mystics like Jib Kidder, White Rainbow end even space(d) rock stalwarts Landing. But Biggs’ own work isn’t as prone to (audio) pranks as Jib Kidder, nor are his effervescent tone floats as “rock” oriented as Landing. Stag Hare’s fluid take on ambient dance grooves does resemble Adam Forkner’s elevating rhythmic meditations though, which makes perfect sense seeing as how the duo collaborated on the kaleidoscopic sheen of White Stag. Biggs’ latest work comes in the form of Angel Tech, a dreamy suite of repetition and color that reveals itself as Stag Hare’s best album yet. While “Grays (Doom and Gloom Mantra)” and “T I R E D” perpetuate the project’s nimbly bobbing head space, tracks like “Shining” and “Imago” reframe White Stag as the modern Spacemen 3. Sure, plenty of new bands call on the signature Kember-and-Pierce drone rock, but few channel the shimmering synths and drum track haze of “Big City.” Angel Tech drops this month via Space Slave Editions.