PC Worship – “Mellow Moon”

Posted by on November 5, 2013

pc worship

I’ve never had the good fortune of attending Obey Convention, Canada’s premier weirdo music festival, but that hasn’t stopped me from using them as a guide to new music. It is through their curation that I found out about Brooklyn’s PC Worship and I can’t thank them enough for it. The Justin Frye-led band is the perfect mix of evisceration and enlightenment. They are a blender of shredded genres and their newest 7-inch on Sophomore Lounge is another reflection of that twisted versatility. A-side “Preach Under Cooked” dives straight into the American Primitive tradition with a solo guitar recording that carves its teeth into the fretboard while letting the sunlit glow bathe the strings. B-side “Mellow Moon” on the other hand (streaming below), heads to a damp basement for an all out sludge party. There’s a genuinely creepy vibe to this song reminiscent of the damaged electronica of Eric Copeland. Whatever “classic” PC Worship means, this is it. Purchase a copy of this single from Sophomore Lounge and check out their Beat Punk LP from earlier this year on New Images Ltd.