Koenraad Ecker – “Tuning” Mix

Posted by on November 5, 2013

tuning mix

Digitalis Recordings – Tulsa, OK’s powerhouse of experimental music, or thinking man’s noise, if you will – is busy prepping the debut LP by Koenraad Ecker, also known as half of Belgian/Italian electro-acoustic revelers Lumisokea. Although Digitalis has “warmed up” over the past few years, issuing eccentric sounds that touch on pop, techno, folk, and more, the imprint has never quite reined in its vast net of pure, harrowing drone. And we should all be grateful for that. Ecker’s latest mix, fittingly titled “Tuning,” is wholly evocative of that strain of drone perpetuated by Digitalis, plowing through over an hour of sustained tones simultaneously isolating and mingling movements of overarching perpetuation.

As Ecker’s explains: I wanted to make a mix that features a wide range of music (acoustic, electronic, recent, very old and from all over the world) which share one important characteristic: none of this music is tuned in so-called “Equal Temperament Tuning”.The resulting mix is a paced crash course on otherworldly drone, seamlessly mixing human and inhuman sounds.

Any ear-catching moment opens a door to a completely unique sub-area of drone with any given era, instrument, mode or intent. Check out Ecker’s in-depth notes on his thoughts behind the mix along with the complete list of artists included in the mix over at Digitalis’ Soundcloud page. Ecker’s debut LP is expected to drop before the end of 2013.