Angel 1 – Liberal

Posted by on September 18, 2013

Angel-1: Liberal

I first came across Angel 1 a couple of months ago, having found him thanks to a 1:53 minute jam of his titled “All I See Is God”, via Soundcloud, which was followed up by his Purple Haze cassette for Constellation Tatsu. Despite his not having published a lot of new music on his own web resources lately, I’ve been kind of following his tracks a little closer, and it makes me very happy to let you know that some weeks ago he released a 9 track full length in collaboration with Portuguese label Exo Tapes. Entitled Liberal, the album features tons of soft keys, low bridges and some slow, sometimes almost imperceptible beats that still persistently jump from a tropical mood to a more deep line; a first glimpse that makes me feel very positive about the future unfolding of his unique, introspective synth pop.