Yassou Benedict – In Fits In Dreams

Posted by on August 26, 2013


Yassou Benedict has a feel for rhythms and textures that’s downright sexy. On the first portion of “Back Roads That Dead End,” clickity digital rhythms, resonant guitar notes, and Melissa Auf Der Mauer’s plaintive vocals create such a stimulating hypnosis that the track’s drop-off — after a climax reminiscent of classic King Crimson — leaves one hungering for more. But maybe I should be careful what I wish for. After all, a reviewer who so frequently applauds the power of restraint can’t complain when an artist has such a sure grip on how much, how many, and when to stop. This five-song EP should place the San Francisco-based quartet at the top of the latest heap of dream popsters, and somewhere near a star to the left of a planet populated by Mice Parade and Mum.