Hank Jackson – “Deposit”

Posted by on August 23, 2013

Hank Jackson, Deposit

Mister Saturday Night is the Brooklyn-based label of Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin, each release focused on dance floor-ready jams, from Anthony Naples’ heady Mad Disrespect EP, to further techno excursions from Alex Burkat and Archie Pelago. The label has most recently released Hank Jackson’s Deposit EP, the title track a magnificently compressed, twitchy outing, packaged with two b-sides, “Cole’s Lullaby” and “Shave.” The whole EP is available to preview, but thankfully we have a full stream of “Deposit” below. With jittery percussion and deep bass bumps coming at you from every angle, “Deposit” would work well in the wee small hours at one of the dance parties hosted by the label. Hank Jackson’s bio at the MSN site offers scant clues about him, other than that he came from Southern California before setting out for Brooklyn, his current residence. No matter, though, as “Deposit” offers a crunchy bit of adrenalized techno, ready to take the heads on the dancefloor to that next level. Stop by the Mister Saturday Night store to grab a copy on vinyl.

Stream: Hank Jackson – “Deposit”