Rejections & Wizard Of, “Consumed”

Posted by on August 15, 2013

UK harsh industrialist Rejections has teamed with Toronto beat merchant Bob McCully (Wizard Of/Women in Tragedy) to create the soundtrack to an imaginary horror film. Entitled Consumed, the piece will be broadcast via UK digital radio station Basic.FM on August 29 and repeated late nights each Monday and Thursday throughout September.

Sadly there are currently no plans to make any more than the KHOM-created teaser (see above), which features queasy Buñuel-inspired close-ups of eyeballs and portions of the duo’s gritty score, and Rejections’ Michael Hann admits neither artist would know where to start with a full-blown movie production. “Actors are worse to manage than musicians,” he posits. “The aim [was] to use the concept as a starting point but to not be too literal about it. I can only speak for myself, but the point of piece was as much about exploring how Bob and I could work together, which is not an easy thing when you live continents apart. We both enjoy a good horror film, so we talked about stuff we liked and we both dig Giallo stuff like early Argento, but also old school chillers like The Innocents – films that are more creepy and unsettling rather than gory.”

“I have had this idea for a horror film for quite a while,” he continues. “It is [about] a cop trailing a serial killer… but what becomes quite obvious is that it is he who is being stalked. He starts to see his dead wife, [and] he becomes paranoid when people appear not to be who they seem. It was a framework we could work with to get some musical ideas going, I even wrote up a synopsis for the whole film and some dialogue, which is included in the piece. The music kind of follows the “film” as it progresses, and to a degree reflects the movement of the story. At the same time we made a joint, conscious decision not to be a slave to it and use it merely as a point of inspiration.”