Petra Glynt – Of This Land

Posted by on June 28, 2013

Petra Glynt

Toronto’s Healing Power imprint has been releasing fabulous music in gorgeous packages for awhile, including a slick LP by synth juggler Man Made Hill (co-released with Beniffer Editions) and another delicious slab of vinyl from psychedelic wizard Matthew “Doc” Dunn. Of This Land, the debut cassette from Toronto artist Alexandra Mackenzie‘s Petra Glynt project, takes the HP packaging aesthetic to never-before-seen levels of awesomeness. Let’s see: laser-etched and bedazzled cassette shells, ✓ check; A4-sized insert with one of Mackenzie’s full-colour drawings slathered across it, ✓ check; five-panel risograph-printed card stock outer wrapper complete with psychedelic designs on both sides, ✓ check and ✓ check. This is a thing of beauty, plain and simple. Thankfully, what’s on the inside (what everyone’s parents always said counted anyway) is just as gorgeous. Thunderous percussion and dramatic, colliding textures provide a poignant backdrop over which Mackenzie’s powerful vocals shoot like daggers through the soul. Of This Land is a real scorcher, demanding the attention of both eyes and ears.

Unfortunately, Healing Power’s first batch of tapes is sold out, but there’s another batch on its way soon.  In the meantime, head over to the Petra Glynt Bandcamp to grip a digital copy of this epic slice of sonic goodness.

Stream: Petra Glynt – “Fantasy Fieldtrip”