Gora Sou – Music for Girls

Posted by on June 25, 2013

Gora Sou

The gentleman composer, Marc Übel, (pseudo)named Gora Sou is like a shadow in the shape of a person, a near-vacuum surrounded by an explosion of information in cyberspace. This much is known: in 2011, he was involved with the Red Bull Music Academy; he is from Heidelberg, Germany; he is one-third of the band Sizarr, and he’s produced a track with Jesse Boykins III called “The Perfect Blues”; he loves candy. It’s cool that he wants to let his music speak for itself – I’m totally down with that.  So where to begin? Music for Girls is the debut cassette from this particular project of Übels, springing forth from the auspicious Further Records imprint. The music presented is downright gorgeous, a striking blend of smeared electronics and just-shy-of-delicate tone wrangling. With a runtime of little more than 8 minutes, I have to say that Gora Sou leaves us poor listeners hanging on this cassette. My ears certainly eat this kind of stuff up, and Music for Girls barely whets their appetite. I’m afraid they’ll revolt, leaping from my head and diving into my computer only to surface in Germany to coax more sweet sounds from the enigmatic producer. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one to experience this, so I hope he’s ready for a deluge of exasperated ears.

Unfortunately the cassette version of Music for Girls has sold out, but you can still obtain this terrific release digitally from the man himself via Bandcamp.