Posted by on June 14, 2013

SAINT PEPSI is a brilliant discoverer of sounds. Not only is the genre he sticks to the ideal playground for exploration, but he generously bestows on audiences the notion of uncovering secrets in out-of-date songs through a hands-on production style. So, what secrets will you find in his newest: Hit Vibes. Oh, and if Hit Vibes is your first taste of SAINT PEPSI, then “YAY!!!!!” That’s really exciting, because Hit Vibes is a winner, big juxtapositions of funk and R&B samples sending the resultant beats into an intensely disco direction — though he has a huge back-collection of releases you could choose from too, including five or six just out this year. Also, the fellah’s got a fundraiser on the happs right now too. It’s way fun, and includes a potential personalized fizz-mix made for you by SAINT PEPSI. Iffin’ you dig what you hear, be a pal and slip him some monetary love. In the mean-time, enjoy Hit Vibes until SAINT PEPSI drops that next banger, which will probz be in a month or two, if his prior schedule is any indication. Click through to the Keats Collective bandcamp to download.